Everyday Essential Jewelry That You Should Own

Getting ready for work is such a difficult task and therefore having few staple pieces handy will make your life stress free and easier. One thing your everyday style should scream out loud is simplicity. You always do not want to be dressy especially when you are doing going to office. Everyday jewelry should be extremely simple and light weight and you should be comfortable wearing your accessories. Knowing what works for you will take some time but once you know you will end up loving and repeating the same. Simplicity is the key.

What you pick should ideally be dainty. Buy something that is noticeable and looks good on almost any outfit. You can prefer going a little expensive by buying them in gold or diamonds if you prefer because they are worn every day. If you are going for normal and do not want to spend a lot then buy something that resembles the expensive. This is one thing that matters a lot. Over accessorizing can give an artificial look so even though it is not that expensive try to treat it like an expensive item and dress accordingly.

Essentials that every working women must own:


Yes, this might seem simple but wearing appropriate earrings will change the entire look that you are planning to pull off. Simple white stoned studs are an essential. Sometimes when nothing matches your outfit this item will come to your rescue. You have many styles with studs therefore you can experiment with them. Hoops are also one element that are actually simple but take your outfit to the dressier side. There are different sizes of hoops that you can experiment with. Simple danglers can also be added to the list. Anything that does not draw too much attention can be taken into consideration.


We Indian woman like to dress up without leaving anything behind. Therefore a plain chain is a priority to us. Any plain thin chain can be worn for everyday purpose. You can use pendent to give that extra bling to your simple chain. There are a lot of options when it comes to the type of chains and the pendants you want. You also get earrings and pendent in a combination which looks extremely good and put together. Chains are a great accessory that do not draw too much attention but make you look dressed up.


Bracelets are something that everyone does not wear but it always looks good and does not make your hands look incomplete. There are a lot of models to shop from and you can go for a belt type or a bangle type. Try to choose as dainty as possible. You can stack dainty ones and look more polished. This is like an extra accessory that only few women wear. This element will obviously change your style. Every little thing you wear counts when you are wearing dainty pieces. Therefore adding the right amount jewelry will help you to look like a million bucks.


There is no girl who does not like a ring. If you are married or getting married, remember if you want to wear something every day, you do not want it to be bulky. These days band rings are in trend and you can carry them easily. Band rings match will any outfit and are extremely light weight as well. You could go for different designs if you want to. There are rings that have stones of different colors. You can go to retail therapy like Ariana Grande went out for her 7 rings and only rings give that sense of satisfaction.

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