Everyone Is Crazy About These Trend Shoes

Now that the most important fashion shows have taken place in New York, Paris and Milan, we know what the designers can imagine for 2020 shoe trends.A short spoiler before we go into detail: we’ll leave sock boots and animal print shoes behind in 2020. Shoes with a square toe cap, chunky boots and strappy sandals remain a trend. In addition, models with chain details and Mary Janes are very popular this year.

Spitz was yesterday: in 2020 we will wear square, trendy shoes

At first our shoes could not be pointed enough, then they were round again and now shoes cannot be square enough. Whether as boots, sandals or pumps – in 2020 we will cover our feet in trendy models with angular toe caps. The square shoe trends 2020 remind you of the cute ballet shoes from your childhood? Then it is best to casually combine the shoes with skinny jeans and an oversize shirt. The cooler the look, the less the angular models scream for “tutu”.

The hype continues: white shoes will remain a trend in 2020

White shoes made their big comeback in fashion last year. White boots and ankle boots in particular are currently being styled by the fashion girls for everything that falls into their hands. And the hype about the 80s trash shoes continues this season. White booties are ideal for the cool days. For example in the rough Dr. Martens look ( e.g. here from Amazon *) – they can be easily combined to mini skirts or dresses in all lengths. In the coming spring and summer we will be able to pull out our short dresses, shorts and tops again and simply style white pumps or sandals with wrap blouses, denim and large sunglasses.

Trendy shoes 2020: Mary Janes are now hip

Mary Janes, i.e. shoes with a front buckle and a thin ribbon across the foot, were extremely popular in the 1960s. They were long gone now, but in 2020 the playful shoes will be making a comeback. Mary Janes can be combined girly with skirt and dress, but also look great with casual jeans. The retro shoes – whether flat or with heels – come into their own with cute pleated skirts and shirts with a floral pattern. But they also look good with an elegant trouser suit.

Chunky boots are a trend in the 2020 fashion year

If you haven’t had enough of the Ugly sneaker hype, you can look forward to the next Ugly trend. Last year chunky boots appeared more and more often – and the hype about these shoes is definitely not over yet. What do chunky boots look like? Extremely chunky, with a striking profile and a wide rubber sole. How to best style the chunky boots? Well, ideally just like their sneaker pioneers, for example with feminine midi skirts or super casual with wide leg pants, in which the legs of the pants are inserted into the shaft of the shoes.

Strappy sandals are one of the 2020 shoe trends

Sandals with delicate straps are THE shoe trend in fashion summer 2020. No wonder – the shoes look super classy and conjure up beautiful long legs thanks to the stiletto heel. Particularly trend: Strappy sandals in summery bright colors ( e.g. pink or turquoise) or in pure white.

Ugly sneakers will get a color update in 2020

Dad sneakers, also known as ugly sneakers or chunky sneakers, have been THE big thing for a few years. Fashionistas wear the eye-catching treads up and down – preferably as a mega style break with the cute floral dress. In 2020, the trendy sneakers will now be entering a new round. Hard to imagine: This year the trend pieces are even more striking. From now on, the treads are wrapped in unusual color combinations and are thus a double eye-catcher.

Even if many are skeptical: the colored trend sneakers can be styled extremely versatile. For example, as a break in style with an airy dress or with a leather skirt and statement shirt. But the trendy sneakers are also great with mom jeans.


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