Fall Winter Women’s Fashion Trend: 5 Sure Values

What does the fall winter 2020-2021 season have in store for us in women’s fashion ? Between summer lightness and winter classicism, fashion shows innovate, divert timelessness and confirm certain fashion trends over time. Les Petits Imprimés was inspired by the catwalks by adding a few sparkles for a sparkling comeback at the cutting edge of fashion . Here are 5 women’s fashion trends for fall / winter 2020-2020 to adopt urgently.

The chic (and wrinkle-resistant!) Long black blazer

This season, the jacket lengthens in an ultra chic masculine / feminine style to cover the hips and buttocks. Its straight and clean lines lengthen the silhouette in a graphic style while sober. However, your long black blazer should structure your look without weighing down your figure with its wide straight cut and overly square shoulders. Hence the importance of the material and feminine details. Here, the Eliot long black blazer jacket is adorned with pretty satin gold buttons in a chic military spirit and lapels in a very trendy and timeless small check print.

In addition, this jacket is designed in a soft, durable, wrinkle-resistant and windproof material to protect you from the freezing cold of winter. As a bonus, it is hand-sewn with love in every detail. A guarantee of high quality finishes. To make it more feminine, consider fine gold metallic jewelry and elegant shoes.

The floral print with ruffles

Autumn prolongs summer so don’t put your floral dresses away too quickly in the back of the closet. Stay in the warm tones and the lightness of the ruffles that adapt perfectly to the fall: red, orange, coral, rust, burgundy. These warm shades are ideal for emphasizing the tan of copper skin as well as for warming fair skin. In winter, alternate warm tones and cool tones according to your skin tone. And think about these5 tips to stay cool in a stylish dress. Want to know which colors look best on you? Discover the principles of colorimetry.

Green is another strong trend in interior design as well as in women’s fashion. So when combined with the vegetal print, the result is a must have garment or accessory, like this cute short floral pleated skirt. This ode to spring awakens dark winter outfits with a light and poetic note. And who knows, maybe spring will arrive faster than expected thanks to you ?! To accessorize your floral clothes, discover the trends Modern Craftand Cottagecore, very popular this season.

Puff sleeves

Puff sleeves are making their big comeback this fall / winter 2020-2021. Maxisize for accomplished fashionistas, apprentice fashionistas will play with temperance so as not to fall into the fashion faux pas very risky with this trend. You know it: one of the goals of fashion (after indulging yourself, of course) is to balance your figure. In fact, puffed sleeves can help you do this.

Little Prints

Puffed shoulders, ball sleeves or tapered cuffs, this variation of the traditional straight sleeve turns out to be a valuable asset for widening small builds with a wide pelvis, such as A, O and 8 body types. However, women with a V-shaped body shape. avoid expanding their bust even further.


Speaking of denim jeans, this is another strong trend for the end of 2020. Denim is everywhere this season! You will no doubt have noticed it: your favorite brands swear by it (starting with Les Petits Imprimés). Some great tips include “how to find the perfect jeans”, “which oversized denim jacket”, etc. You start to know us: we love femininity. So to break the stiffness of real denim jeans, why not adopt an elegant denim skirt.

The simplicity of its straight cut is all the more effective as it is enhanced with a series of golden buttons to emphasize your thigh with sophistication without weighing down your figure. Likewise, the extra fine stitching adds gilding to your waist (to better mark it), your thighs but also vertically to lengthen your stature. Its simple appearance actually hides the secret of a timeless piece, designed to perfection that will accompany you for years to come.

The small check print

The small check print persists and signs this year again! This season, it combines with a very strong piece of the feminine wardrobe: the long blazer. Worn in its classic chic version with neutral pieces, you can also twist it with a colorful sweater in the same tones, slim jeans and white sneakers. This long blazer cut is ideal for concealing generous hips. Be careful to wear it open if you have a small stomach. To stay warm even in the dead of winter, consider the technique of layering clothes orlayering.

What trend will you adopt?

You will understand: dresses and skirts are still out as long as the temperatures remain mild. And even in the middle of winter, as long as you master these tips forwear skirt and dress in winter without freezing. But know that the most precious of all is to choose the right onestights or high socks. 4 strong fall / winter trends, 4 ways to show off your style with confidence and determination, 4 fashionista secrets to be looked before everyone else.
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