How Has Fashion Changed Over The Time For The Indian Woman

The fashion industry has evolved, every now and then from time to time. One can easily identify the changes in the fashion trends, be it significant ones or the ones changing from day to day. Where, your personality is marked by the way you dress, it becomes really very important to stay in the flowing trend. Not just, it becomes a necessity to stay in trend but the way you maintain yourselves also speaks a lot about your identity.

Well, talking about the fashion trends, each one of us are very familiar with the fact that they keep on changing every now and then. Be it from the way of draping sarres to styling your casual looks like a diva, the ever evolving fashion industry has played a great role in keeping our Indian women always up to date with the trend. If one has to look at the way, the fashion trends have changed over time, they can have a look at the Bollywood industry, and can easily figure the changes since then. To name a few, one can mention – from sarres to suits, from tops to crop tops, from detailed sleeves to ruffled sleeves, from choli to blazers and many more.

The changes in the fashion trends, are not just marked by the variation in styling ways but with the way the makeup industry has evovled too, like the changes in the way the cosmetics products are used and applied too. For instance, from bold kajal streak to smoky eyes, from pink shades to dark bold lip colours and a lot more.
Fashion graphs keeps on changing from time to time, but some of the most significant changes over the decades for Indian women are as follows :

1. Salwar Kameez to Plazzo
2. Choli to shirts
3. Sandals to boots

1. Salwar Kameez to Palazzo

The ever changing fashion world has brought such a significant changes to the humble salwar kameez, that it is still in trend these days and is so widely accepted by women all over India. The classic salwar kameez these days, is changed by the palazzo these days, the loose bottoms have created a benchmark and have taken over the salwar trend. These casual palazzos art not just teamed up with kurta’s but with tank tops or crop tops or with your casual shirt too, basically they work well with almost every upper wear a women owe in their wardrobe.

2. Choli to Shirts

The ever classic lehengas has too faced the changes in the fashion industry, with the replacement of elegant choli with shirts. Not just classic and timeless shirts, but with blazers too at times. Ladies these days have learnt how to nail classic elegant look with some quirky twist to it, by adding up and giving it a indo western look with some casual elements.

3. Sandals to boots

Where sandals were prefered with almost every attire, now a days boots are the very first pick of each lady with their outfits, then be it a lehenga, saree, dress, pant or whatsoever. The boots picked vary from classic long or short boots to sneakers or running shoes too at times. The conversion of sandals to boots trend, allows the she world to be comfortable and cosy in their footwear, which almost allow them to do every task with great ease yet making them look like a pro on the same hand.


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