Fashion Essentials For Spring & Summer & Party Season

For me, spring is, among other things, the best seasons to dress nicely. If the sun is shining, but it is still not too hot, you can simply try out a lot in terms of styling and combine a lot. I’ll tell you today what my fashion essentials are for this spring and summer! What can you currently do without?

Wide paperbag pants

I have to say that the majority of my pants are definitely rather wide cut. I just really like the look of the wide pieces. So-called paperbag pants are currently very popular – they have a high waist and a very wide, straight leg . No matter whether made of linen, silk or cotton, in natural tones or wildly patterned – wide pants in every variant are my fashion essentials in spring 2019. Even on vacation, the wide pants are just perfect, because you can slip on quickly and easily and have the whole thing Day a comfortable companion.


Do you remember the time in the early zero years when creoles were THE jewelery trend par excellence? The bigger the creole, the better, was the motto at the time. At the moment I think creoles are really nice again – but this time a version smaller and simpler . Almost a little J.lo for all of us

Camisole tops

What could be nicer than a delicate top that flashes out from under a sweater or spring jacket? Camisole tops with lace, cute cropped tops and spaghetti strap tops with cute frill details are also my fashion essentials for the warmer season! Particularly pretty: a delicate top under a blazer.


A summer without sunglasses ? Inconceivably. Since I wear contact lenses, my eyes are more sensitive to sunlight and I love to round off my looks with the right sunglasses. I like to use extravagant and large models here because they suit me best. What is your favorite shape for sunglasses?

White dress

A piece that simply belongs in every spring and summer wardrobe? A white dress! As a spring essential I wear the white summer dress with knee boots and a sweater. In summer you can wear it with sandals and a nice handbag. An investment is definitely worthwhile here, because white clothes just go back every year!

Straw hat

This fashion essential for spring is actually one for summer. Because we luckily got a lot of summer feelings on our last trips, I could already wear my straw hats. And what should I say? They not only protect you from the sun, they also look super cute!


The perfect jacket for spring? For me, these are definitely blazers. Simply thrown over it (for example over a delicate top), the look is perfect for me in spring (further blazer outfit inspirations for everyday life are here from me). Blazers can either be casually styled or elegantly worn. Therefore, this essential – now in spring in natural tones or made of linen – must not be missing.

Fashion essentials For the party season

Dresses for festive occasions are mostly feminine and playful – for example made of lace, with tulle, glitter, bows or in pastel shades such as pink, light blue, nude and light yellow . But it is also simple and elegant, for example made of flowing fabrics, in muted tones and in midi length . It all depends on personal taste and the festive occasion

While the dress code on the prom can be interpreted relatively widely , you have to be sensitive to the bride and groom at the wedding . One rule says that white dresses don’t work as wedding guests, with statement colors like red I would simply ask the bride if that’s okay for her. For summer weddings , garden parties or the graduation ball, flower dresses are also a nice and suitable choice 🙂 After the celebration, the dresses don’t have to wait in the closet for the next event, but you can wear them all summer. Flower dresses are one of THE dress trends

Styling tips for prom or weddings

You can do a lot with shoes, bags and accessories. Simple pumps or open toe sandals are the perfect pair for festive dresses . Then choose a clutch or a small shoulder bag . Depending on the outfit, the accessories can be chosen more simply or extravagantly. My tip: So that you can really enjoy the prom, the wedding or other celebrations, it is best to pack flat shoes such as ballerinas. Then you can slip out of the high heels as soon as your feet start to hurt. From a certain time, no one will notice


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