Fashion Mistakes In Summer And How We Can Easily Avoid Them

Summer is here and with it a lot of skin that needs to be staged perfectly! We reveal which fashion mistakes are lurking where and how they can be easily avoided.

Transparent bra straps

Asymmetric tops and dresses are also very popular this summer. No wonder, because the feminine parts not only look stylish, but also lend a certain portion of romance to everyday life. The problem with choosing this outfit is obvious: the bare shoulder demands an invisible bra solution. But even if it has to be fast – stay away from bras with transparent latex straps! The joy of the faked nudity is short-lived, because you sweat even more under plastic straps, and unfortunately this becomes extremely quickly visible. In any case, it is a superstition that the substitute carriers are inconspicuous and almost invisible.

It is therefore better to choose a strapless version, thanks to a wider underbust band and a latex layer on the inside, good strapless bras do not slip, even with a large bust size. If you have a small breast, you can also use bandeau bras without pads or simply omit the bra completely.

False underwear under white

Speaking of underwear: no matter how carefully you choose your outfit – if the underwear doesn’t fit, the overall impression is quickly ruined. Particularly nice in hot temperatures: an all-white outfit that can even compete with the classic blazer and suit combination. However, the following applies: be careful when choosing laundry! Even white jeans made of a relatively thick fabric don’t forgive dark laundry and let black panties shine through mercilessly. Anyone who thinks that white is the right choice among white is also wrong: Bizarre, laundry in this color has exactly the same penetrating effect as dark shades.

The color red, which is almost invisible under white, surprisingly helps. Also, laser-cut hipsters in a tone similar to your own skin color keep hidden what you do not want to show – although sounds unsexy, the pants also have the advantage that they are a little shaping.

Plastic flip flops

At first glance, flip flips look harmless, but the colorful plastic slippers have the power to destroy an entire outfit! The truth is: there is really only one area of ​​use for the toe grippers: the beach. Here it makes sense to be able to quickly slip out of your waterproof footwear and protect the soles of your feet from hot sand when you go to the beach bar. Otherwise, especially in the office: In case of doubt, there is always a shoe that is nicer than a flip-flop! This expresses one thing above all in professional life: negligence.

However, if you still want a thong separator, the best thing to do is to choose a leather model – they are even very popular this year . Made of high quality material and with fashionable details such as feathers or wickerwork, the slippers are more sandals than flip flops.

From head to toe in polyester

In summer it’s usually hot enough anyway – our clothes don’t have to make us sweat. So: stay away from 100 percent polyester parts! The plastic clothes are zero breathable – and you can see and smell that pretty quickly. By the way, the same applies to footwear: plastic is not a good idea!

The better choice in summer are natural materials such as linen or (pure) cotton. Blouses, dresses, shorts and Co. made from natural fabrics are not only popular this summer, they also score with comfort and also feel light and airy on the skin. So the annoying sweating problem is solved in a stylish way.

Leggings as pants

We primarily want to see leggings in the gym. Somehow it is a complete piece of clothing only there, otherwise the elastic part hardly replaces the pants. At weekends and for the way to the bakery or going for a walk, we let them go, but it doesn’t really contribute to an outfit that is new or even suitable for business.

Admittedly, the cycling pants, little sister of the leggings, made a comeback last summer. A trend that lives from contrasts: elegant tops, which should best cover the bottom, go with the simple, short cyclist. For the business look, also choose fancier shoes that may like to have a heel.


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