Fashion Tips To Learn From Actress Mouni Roy

Mouni Roy is definitely that one start from the television industry who has set her standards high when it comes to performances as well as dressing sense. The actress’s Instagram feed is full of pictures from her photoshoots, mini-vacations, and events. She is definitely an inspiration for many of us. She has traveled from television to the b-town and is the hot topic of the debate today. She made her Bollywood debut with Akshay Kumar recently, along with this she also was starred in multiple item songs. From bikinis to lehengas the actress knows how to rock it all.

Mouni has donned some of the best outfits at red carpets, events and even generally in life. She is known as the bong beauty of the television industry. If you are planning for a vacation or a photoshoot then let Mouni Roy inspire you. She has some of the best outfits and she knows how to style it well. If you are someone looking for inspiration but are failing t find one then do not worry we are here for you. Inspire your outfits from Mouni Roy and look appealing like her.

1. Bright colors

Bright colors are definitely something that will make your outfit look good and pop in the crowd. With summer arriving bright colors are something that you should add to your wardrobe. If you are planning on a vacation you can also opt for bright colored bikinis and trust us, you will just rock it.

2. Keeping it casual

One of the most important things about the fashion industry does no try to overdo it, if you try too hard to look good then you might end up failing. Just give some time and you’ll gradually figure out your fashion sense and what works for you. Keeping it casual doesn’t always mean to just wear whatever you want but to wear what the event is demanding.

3. Experiment with styles

Try wearing different patterns and prints and styles, try experimenting with your outfit this will help you in knowing your style sense and knowing what’s working for you and whats not. You can try floral prints, animal prints and any kind of prints or pattern that you like. Just make sure you are not going too over the top and then you will be just good to go.

4. Vertical patterns are your best friend

Yes! vertical patterns are something that will create an illusion of long body and legs, if you are short and want to look long and slim then opt for vertical prints. You can try shorts or pants or even skirts with vertical prints and then just top it up with your favorite t-shirt or shirt.

5. Put on some accessories

Accessories are a very important part of dressing up, they add an element to your outfit and most importantly they make your outfit look new every time you wear it. Go for accessories that match with your personality and also something that will complement your outfit. Opt for minimal accessories like a watch or a bag to add a statement of class to your entire look, and make you stand out in the crowd.

6. Carry it with ease

Carrying and outfits is a task, and we totally agree with it. Confidence is the key, make sure you are confident in what you are wearing and you will automatically look good in that. Also before wearing your outfit check if the fitting is proper because you should be comfortable in the outfit and if you are comfortable then you c carry it with grace and class.


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