Fashion Trend, Everyone Will Wear These Shoes In 2021

The year is slowly coming to an end and it’s time to take a look at the coming year to see what fashion trends everyone will be chasing after in 2021.¬†When looking for the latest trends , fashion bloggers are our greatest role models. They spot trends before they even are and show us which pieces should go straight into our shopping bags on the next shopping tour. You have already shown us for the current season in which trend parts we get through the winter in style.

However, pieces can already be spotted that we will take with us into the coming year and that will experience a very special hype, especially in the spring months. The winter currently has us firmly under control and better weather is far from being thought of, but it definitely can’t hurt to get the it-pieces for the coming season now. If we browse the feeds on Instagram or take a look at the latest collections, a very special shoe trend is spreading that no one can resist in the coming months. Here we reveal what it is and how we are already styling it.

We will wear this shoe model in 2021

The cold season has brought a lot of beautiful trends with it, which we have acquired for a stylish winter wardrobe. This season we especially love quilted coats, cozy tank tops and chunky boots . We are particularly impressed by the boots with coarse soles. We find the cool pieces in a wide variety of variants. As Chelsea boots , overknees or lace-up ankle boots in beige, black or khaki. In a nutshell: The models with chunky soles are diverse and offer something for every taste.

We don’t have to do without that in the coming year either, because it brings with it a shoe trend that we will really like and that most influencers are already celebrating properly: the chunky loafers. With the right hacks, they can already be styled in winter time, but will become the must-have of the season , especially in the coming spring . We know which pieces you should buy urgently and how you can best style the trendy pieces with rough soles.

The chunky loafers are already available in a wide variety of variations. The noble version of the designer label Prada is particularly popular with fashion bloggers . However, we do n’t have to squander our entire monthly salary for the hottest trend in 2021, we can also get a cheaper model. The hottest fashion chains such as ZARA , MANGO and Co. already have some models in their range that could definitely enrich the selection in our shoe cabinets . Similar to boots in the trendy look, the loafers are characterized by an extremely coarse sole, the so-called chunky sole.

Some pieces have a higher heel on the heel while others are a few inches lower. Most chunky loafers, however, are characterized by a decorative seam on the tips of the toes that is slightly upward. While some models are designed for lacing, the classic loafer usually has a strap that spans the shoe. Some pieces are provided with gold chain details or tassels, which make them real eye-catchers. In winter we can combine the pieces with the right look . By styling our loafer model with an oversize knit, shirt and jeans , we give it a cool style with which we can easily survive the last winter months in style. ❄️

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