Fashion Trends 2019: Trend Colors In Spring & Summer

These are the trend colors in spring and summer! : Well, already come across the current trend color Living Coral? But did you know that 2020 is determined not only by one, but by many colors. The Pantone Color Institute publishes each year in its Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report. This is a color overview with the top colors that designers from Fashion Week are showing in their collection for the coming season. These color trends do not only extend to the fashion sector, but also to interior ( psst, you can find the current interior trend colors 2019 here ) and beauty. Which fashion trend colors are important in spring and summer 2020? I’ll tell you now!

Trend colors 2020: it will be bright and happy …

In spring and summer 2019 it will be happy. Strong colors that exude a good mood and cheer us up. They are considered expressionistic and creative nuances, but they never seem overpowering. There are a lot more splashes of color that help us to let our character speak even more with our look. They support every cut and every pattern and therefore never appear obtrusive – even if the colors are very lively. In combination with real classics and gentle nuances, they work particularly well.

Trend color: Pink Peacock

Pink Peacock is a shade that you just have to look at. It looks somehow irresistible and yet theatrical and really suits every skin type. Styling tip: The rich pink looks great especially on tanned skin in summer. But paler skin types can also wear pink peacocks and ensure that their outfit gets a wow effect. In summer, dresses and skirts are very popular, but you can also make a great color acceptance in the look with accessories such as shoes or lace bra.

Trend color 2020: Fiesta

The bright red fiesta is a festive orange red, which is more intense and reddish in contrast to living cola. It radiates energy, passion and joy and continues the era of favorite red nuances. Styling tip: When it comes to clothing, you should make sure that you combine fiesta with calm tones. Here, too, beige, brown or cream are a great partner, so that the color has its effect. For those who can do it properly, Fiesta can also wear pink, yellow or green in the form of strong color blocking. But be careful, there is an absolute eye-catcher guarantee.

Trend color 2020: Living Coral

Living Coral, or a living coral, has a friendly and invigorating effect. It has a soft golden undertone and is therefore particularly suitable for medium and dark skin types. Styling tip: It looks best with soft and rather unobtrusive colors such as beige, white or black. This is how the color comes into its own and can prove its radiance.

Trend color: Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is a sunny, light lemon yellow. It is encouraging and yet pleasant. Not too pushy and still bright. This color is reminiscent of an unforgettable summer vacation in Positano. With Lemon Verbena we practically bring the summer to our bodies. Here it may even be that you already have the color from the previous summer in your closet. So maybe just have a look. Styling tip: The color looks best in summer for dark-haired people or people with a certain basic tan. If an all-over look is too blatant, the yellow can also be worn with jeans. Lemon Verbena looks great especially in combination with a light denim fabric!

Trend color: Mango Mojito

Mango Mojito: a golden yellow mango that has been refined with a dash of mojito. It looks warm and friendly and shines like the sunset on the beach. Just perfect for spring and summer. Styling tip: The orange color family plays a very important role in its various shades in spring and summer 2020. Mango Mojito is the warm version of Living Coral and with a little luck you already have something in the trend color. If not, you should definitely get a top, a dress or a cool hair band in the trendy color for the summer.

Trend color: toffee

A beautiful whole milk chocolate brown is also one of the trend colors in spring and summer 2020. It’s called toffee and yes, it looks as seductive as a toffifee. Definitely a little unusual to wear such a dark color in spring and summer, but when combined correctly it looks incredibly classy. Styling tip: It is best to work with contrasts here. So that the outfit does not look too dreary and gloomy, for example, grab other trend colors from the bright area. So the color toffee so brown fits perfectly with mango mojito, but also pink peacock or lemon verbena. White and black are of course also possible.

Trend color: Pressed Rose
Pressed rose is the last of the trend colors you need to know. It also inherits one of the trend colors of the past seasons – namely millenial pink. However, this nuance is rather reddish and therefore appears more romantic and sentimental. Styling tip: Pressed Pink is wonderfully feminine and feminine. Here you can fall back on playful and romantic cuts and details. Bows, dots, ruffles or ruffles – everything is allowed for a girly look. If that’s too much for you, rely on the complete opposite: minimalism. Straight cuts without much skiing. This is how the color Pressed Pink looks cool and sophisticated.

Trend color: Pepper Stem
Pepper Stem is reminiscent of the small green peppercorns. It is a light yellow-green that reminds a little of khaki and also stands for nature, serenity and harmony. In contrast to the well-known khaki, Pepper Stem is much lighter and less full. Styling tip: This color is not entirely without and definitely requires some sensitivity. It is a novelty especially for summer because it is not quite as bright and luminous as you are used to in summer. To give the color a certain lightness, it is best to use flowing fabrics and light cuts such as tops or dresses. Those who trust them can wear bright, summery accessories in yellow, red or pink with Pepper Stem.


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