Fashion Trends : For Trendsetters And Everyone Who Wants To Become One

Welcome to the world of fashion: We would like to take a look at the fashion landscape of the coming year and also take a little look into the past. Which styles dominated the catwalks of the fashion metropolises in 2018? What are the 2019 fashion trends? What new creations will the top designers come up with for the coming year? What influences from the past will determine the fashion of the future? We show you what was hip in 2018, what the 2019 fashion year brings and which pieces should not be missing in your wardrobe.

Fashion trends : That was particularly popular

The 2018 fashion year was determined by a motto that coined the renowned Dutch trend researcher Lidewij Edelkoort at the beginning of the year. “Portraits of Fashion” was this motto, which was a logical development in times of selfies and Instagram. The trend understanding of fashion has changed more and more over time. Gone are the days when designers dictated what we had to wear with their creations. The 2018 fashion trends were determined by individuality – especially the personality of the wearer came to the fore. Diversity set the tone on the international catwalks.

Comeback of the 90s

If you regularly browsed the online shops of well-known providers such as Zalando, ABOUT YOU and Co., you sometimes had a déjà-vu. In 2018 there was a reunion with the fashion of the 90s. Clothing from popular brands of the 90s, such as Fila, Champion or Kappa, was very popular – and best of all with a large logo.
Vegan leather and neon colors

In 2018, too, the trends in fashion were moving more and more towards conscious shopping, sustainability and fairness. So organic fabrics and econyl were just as popular as vegan leather. But also bright neon color fashion and sports aesthetics dominated the pages of Instagram influencers and conquered the wardrobes of fashion fans.

The fashion year : from colorful to transparent

The year 2019 has a lot in store for fashion trends for women and men. It is also worth taking a look at the celebrities and other influencers here, because their styles are a good indicator of what you will soon discover on the “shelves” of your favorite shops such as ASOS, Bohoo and H&M. We can tell you something in advance: there will be a reunion with the fashion of previous decades, it will be colorful, it will be bold and a little crazy.

Fashion trends in winter 2018/2019

Discover the wilderness in you

Despite the many individual styles and combinations that are currently conquering the catwalks of the fashion world, a very clear trend can be seen in the 2018/2019 winter season. Whether Chloé, Calvin Klein or Céline – the outfits of numerous top designers are inspired by the western look. Hats, fringes, boots and capes are a must this winter.

Break the limits

It has long been known that women are allowed to wear everything they want. In winter 2018/2019, designers are blurring the lines between men’s and women’s fashion. Suits for women are very popular this season. However, this does not mean the tailored and figure-hugging suits, but rather those that deliberately play with gender roles. Stressed shoulders, oversize styles and boxy cuts are among the current fashion trends for women.

Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds

You won’t be able to avoid the plaid pattern this winter either. Whether men or women fashion – whether colorful or monochrome – checks are everywhere. There is no garment and no accessory that the designers do not equip with this classic among the patterns.

Fashion trends in spring / summer 2019

Show your color

The fashion summer 2019 is colorful and wild patterned. Whether Versace, Luis Vuitton or Marni – the creations of the great designers are already showing a trend towards more and more and more unusual patterns. It mixes what the stuff holds and often on a single piece of clothing. It makes no difference here whether it is fashion trends for men or women – bright colors and a wild mix of patterns can be worn excellently by both genders in 2019.

And what does the future hold?

In a fast moving time like ours, it is not easy to make long-term forecasts. This applies all the more to the fashion industry. What is “in” today can be totally “out” tomorrow. However, we can assume that certain fashion trends will prevail and persist in the long term.
This applies, for example, to the growing awareness of the ecological aspects and the production conditions of the fashion manufacturers. It can be assumed that clothing made from sustainable, fair production is becoming increasingly important. It is also quite likely that the fashion of the future will continue to use styles from the past. In any case, we can look forward to the direction in which fashion will develop in the coming years.


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