Festive Spring Fashion For Every Occasion

The first rays of sun break through the cloud cover, the birds are chirping again and some early bloomers are already stretching their heads out of the ground – in short: Spring is approaching! He brings the holiday season with him. No matter whether Easter, communion, confirmation or wedding, in spring there is often a festive occasion after the other. In order to be well equipped for all occasions, there is a large selection of fashionable festive dresses exclusively in the online shop . We have selected our spring favorites for you – from classically elegant to bright pink to glamorous sparkling, there is something for every style.

Elegant and stylish

Since in spring the sun often shines somewhat cautiously from the sky and the temperatures sometimes fall into the single digits, we recommend a combination of dress and bolero for the upcoming Easter. For example, what do you think of the ensemble of Dress In? The black velvet skirt of the dress stays discreetly in the background and forms the perfect backdrop for the extraordinary top. This impresses with a bow application on the waist and a combination of rhinestones and lace, which are woven together to create a pattern of flowers and tendrils.

The matching bolero fits perfectly into the outfit, creating an optical unit. If the temperatures rise unexpectedly on the feast day, the bolero can be taken off with a clear conscience, because without it the dress will not lose any of its festivity. When choosing accessories, however, less is more: simple earrings with silver stones reflect the sparkle of the dress and blend discreetly into the overall impression. More jewelry is not necessary since the embroidered top is even better when standing alone. A simple, black clutch completes the outfit – and the celebrations can begin!

Flowery and berry for a spring from head to toe

With spring, color moves into nature – why not in your closet too? We think that the combination of skirt and top in the trendy color Berry is perfect for spring awakening! The upper material, woven from lace, creates a unity from the shoulders to the hem of the skirt and makes the duo appear like a dress. At the same time, the peplum conjures up a narrow waist and loosens up the silhouette a little. The cheerful color looks playful, but still remains classically elegant. This ensemble is the perfect companion for a wedding invitation in spring or a somewhat chic, romantic dinner with your loved one. And thanks to the three-quarter sleeves, you are optimally dressed both in warmer temperatures and somewhat colder weather conditions. Sling pumps with a silver upper material go very well with the festive two-piece set, as they look classy and give your look lightness. In order to pick up the floral pattern of the lace again, we use a black flower necklace that immediately catches the eye, but still blends in perfectly with the muted black. Spring can come with this outfit!

Noble and exciting in black

The classic evening gown should not be missing, of course: the little black dress. The version we presented is particularly impressive due to its attention to detail. Take a look at the material composition, for example: The soft velvet upper, the neckline embroidered with gemstones and the transparent sleeves are simply an exciting eye-catcher. Added to this are the figure-hugging fit of the dress, which highlights your silhouette, and the hem at knee length, which contributes to an elegant overall impression. The evening dress is rounded off by an elliptical neckline on the cleavage and back, which does not look too deep, but gives your look that certain something. The dress makes it to be the right choice not only for an exuberant evening with friends but also for formal occasions. We combine a black clutch with a sequin look and a goiter with pearl trim, which is simple but acts as the icing on the cake. No matter where the evening takes you – this outfit accompanies you chic and elegant through the night!

The festive season can start with these outfits, right? Let us know in the comments what look is your favorite.


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