Flared Jeans Are Back And We Reveal Why The Style Still A Trend

Since last year we have been enthusiastic about casual jeans shapes that seriously compete with our tight tubes. The motto is: New silhouettes! Whether mom or baggy jeans – the designers and we are now playing with jeans shapes and styles. In this sense, the flared jeans are also making a comeback, but the flared pants will not only come back in 2018 in a classic version, but also with new cuts and details.

Flared jeans

In a nutshell, the flared jeans from 2018 are the bell bottoms that the hippie generation celebrated in the 70s. This year the pants are available with very different flaps – everything is allowed. A small boot cut blow is suitable for a rather inconspicuous effect, while a valance blow is a real eye-catcher. We come across models that are crisp, tight and highly reminiscent of their ancestors, but also flared jeans with a casual, wide cut on the entire leg that create an idiosyncratic street style. It is dark denim , so a very dark blue, especially popular. Even frayed hems, creases, contrasting seams or striking embellishments give the classic flared trousers a little something extra.

How to wear them: The flared pants have the reputation of being a no-go for small women or women with relatively short legs. In fact, the blow of the pants can compress the leg a little. In the end, however, it depends on the overall cut of the pants, the overall judgment is premature. For example, a high waisted cut can conjure up a high waist and a long leg at the same time. If you want to be on the safe side, just buy the flared jeans a bit too long and combine high shoes.

Cropped flare jeans

This variant has been with us for a while, but is still up-to-date in 2018: The cropped flare jeans have a rather small flap and are available in 7/8 lengths as well as in flood style. In the latter, also known as a flip-flop cut , the jeans end at or just above the ankle. Overall, the cropped flares sit rather casually on the body and almost always have a high waist. This is how you can wear them: The cropped flares in the flip-flop cut in particular squeeze the legs a little. So shoes with heels are ideal for stretching the leg. In any case, a little ankle or foot should still be visible. Ankle boots or boots only fit snugly with the cropped flares: for example, sock boots go perfectly with the light flick , while boots and boots with a wide shaft in combination with the wide hem apply.

Jeans culotte

A culotte traditionally ends under the knee. The jeans culottes are not only available in this size, but up to a 7/8 length. The leg is cut so far that the jeans pants could also be used as a skirt. The French chic that a culotte usually brings with it is often broken through in jeans culottes by destroyed or used details such as an open hem. This is how you can wear it: The jeans culotte goes particularly well with high and feminine shoes. Since the culottes are very voluminous due to the cut and the rather stiff jeans material , the body-hugging tops balance the silhouette and create a bit more figure.

Flared flared jeans

Feminine, playful and very striking are jeans that end with a more or less large valance on the leg. In this case, the entire part above the valance is often cut like the tried-and-true skinny jeans – the special effect is based exclusively on the valance, which often ends above the ankle, i.e. in a 7/8 length. This is how you can wear them: Although the flounce flared jeans are already at full throttle when it comes to styling, they also go very well with playful or eye-catching tops: The simple, upper part of the jeans makes it possible. The flounce blow can also visually shorten the leg. Models that end above the ankle, shoes with heels or a high-waist cut can counteract this undesirable side effect of the eye-catcher.

In 2020 it will be flared: an autumn with a blow

Although skinny jeans are rightly an absolute favorite, they should just be left in the closet, because: There are so many beautiful and exciting flared versions that can be tried out, experimented with and styled. In autumn 2018, the style of the late 60s and 70s also comes back in colors, patterns and styles: this epoch-making revival is simply unthinkable without flared jeans. We look forward to the new old silhouettes!


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