For A Clear View In Winter: Sunglasses With Uv Protection From A Specialist

Hat, scarf, gloves – all clear for winter? An important accessory is still missing: the sunglasses. Nothing works without them – neither fashionable nor health-wise. No tinted glasses should be used. Cheap glasses often do more damage than would have been done without protection. And overly inexpensive plastic frames often do not stand up to the cold. They also do not meet the demands of sophisticated glasses wearers in terms of design and appearance. However, if you buy from a specialist, you make a good decision.

Eye protection against late effects

Snow and ice reflect the harmful UV rays to a special degree in winter. Depending on the incidence of light, up to 95% are reflected by a snow-covered surface. This is literally eye-catching. Not only because the sun is dazzling from the low position. No, the UV radiation is responsible for massive damage to the lens. Fortunately, even if this super meltdown does not occur, inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva can cause the winter sun.

UV protection with a quality label

Optimal sun protection is particularly important in winter sports. This is true in the lowlands, but especially in the mountains. UV radiation is naturally higher there, and the effects on the eyes are potentiated over glaciers and snow. Glasses with a perfect fit, made of high-quality plastic and with the CE mark for tested safety are good protection for the eyes. The designation UV 400 also means that all wavelengths of UV rays below 400 nanometers are blocked by the high-quality glasses.

A strong protection

Another important point is the shape of the sunglasses. A strong full border, wide temples ensure that there is protection on the side and from above. Special sports glasses, such as those used for skiing, snowboarding and speed skating, offer even more protection and safety. They close tightly and therefore not only prevent harmful rays, but also cold wind. Elastic, adjustable straps ensure an optimal fit. Sports glasses with full UV protection are available in many colors to match any sportswear. When it comes to glasses, you have to be careful: the color says nothing about the UV filter, the test mark and the DIN specification on the temple or label help here.

Sun protection with classics

It is also the chic color of the glasses that makes the sunglasses a striking and practical accessory, especially in winter. For example, Edeloptics can choose from an extensive selection. You will certainly find the right piece for every type of glasses, for every type of fashion. The classic pair of sunglasses for men is still the aviator glasses, which look almost delicate. Mono lenses generally come in a more sporty, masculine or unisex style – but there are exceptions, such as the designer glasses decorated with rhinestones. Rectangle glasses are also always very popular. It is strong in color and generous in shape, which in turn benefits the protective function.

This winter’s trendsetter is square – large glasses, almost the same side, with a slightly narrower gradient on the lower side. The colors also adapt to the cold season. Highly fashionable in black, with elaborately designed temples, designers like Gucci and Prada bring their glasses to the market. Those who are more daring try glacier colors that are reminiscent of the winter sky. Delicate turquoise, light gray-blue to sunset violet, always with matching lenses, the current sunglasses models offer even the most extravagant wearers something special.

If you can’t make up your mind: more than one pair of sunglasses is almost a must, so that for every occasion, be it sport or an afternoon stroll, the functional and worth seeing piece is at hand. With full UV protection, of course. So that the eyesight is maintained for a long time.


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