Study Reveals: From 35 Women Should No Longer Wear Short Dresses

Normally we wear what we want and don’t let the opinions of others unsettle us … However, the results of a study have achieved exactly that, because supposedly women should completely avoid short dresses from a certain age! The nice thing about fashion is that it is so diverse and we can wear the pieces that we feel like. At the moment these are, for example, cozy sweaters like this high-quality model from H&M , long coats or rough boots that not only impress in terms of style, but also ensure that we are prepared for the cold temperatures.

Regardless of the season, however, there is a part that should not be missing in any well-equipped wardrobe, as it can be stylishly executed in spring and summer as well as in autumn and winter. We’re talking about clothes, of coursethat come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, patterns and of course lengths. Speaking of length: So far we haven’t really given it that much thought and just shopped for the models we like. However, a study has now found that there really should be a maximum age for wearing dresses with short skirts! That made us curious and we’ll tell you what it’s all about.

At this age, women should no longer wear short dresses

Since the motto ” Fashion knows no age! ” Is no longer just a phrase, but a mantra that many street style icons such as Alexandra Lapp , Gitta Banko or Anna Dello Russo live with body and soul and thus women of all ages always live provide you with new and stylish inspiration . You can also see the ladies in short dresses on a regular basis and the only thing we can think of: WOW! We were all the more shocked by the results of a British study . In the Diet Chef survey, 2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 65 were asked for their opinion and the majority decision is: At the age of 35, it is better not to wear a miniskirt and, accordingly, to avoid short dresses.

This is how you put your mini dresses in the limelight

Just for orientation: Actress Anna Kendrick turned 35 this year and , according to the results of the study, the beauty shouldn’t wear a short dress? We definitely have to disagree! After all, age says nothing about the style of clothing! But of course that doesn’t mean that dresses with an extra-short hem are easy to style. The mini models can look less stylish very quickly if you don’t heed one or the other rule. Since the short versions already reveal a lot of skin on your legs, you should show yourself a little covered for the rest of your look and rather not present a too deep cleavage.Even bright colors don’t look quite as classic as if you choose the pieces in elegant tones such as cream, beige or black. But in the end it is of course up to us what we want to wear, how and when!

And even if the temperatures are currently not crying out for a mini dress, we are now buying a new model – no matter if 20, 30, 40 or 50 – which we also wear in combination with thick tights and a cozy coat made of teddy fur Be able to do autumn and winter in proper style. W


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