From Classy To Girly: These Are The Sneaker Trends For Spring 2019

The most important sneaker trends : What would our wardrobe be without sneakers? While a few years ago we lived true to the motto “dear blisters on the feet, but beautiful”, now it should be much more comfortable and still stylish, right ?! The best: Since sneakers have become an integral part of the fashion trend, you can combine comfort with optics. And if you see something often enough, the taste changes, as is well known. I’m talking about Ugly or Chunky sneakers – you probably know what I mean;) How these sneakers develop this year and which sneakers are still worn, I’ll tell you in the top 5 sneaker trends !

Trekking sneakers – the new Ugly sneakers Ugly sneakers, dad sneakers, chunky sneakers – meanwhile there are some terms for the sneakers that at first glance just look ugly . But as it is, the more you see something, the better you like it. In short: Chunky sneakers have reached the masses and are currently indispensable. The latest development for spring and beyond: trekking sneakers. They remind of hiking shoes with their profile soles and are accordingly bulky. What do you think about this new shoe trend? I personally think the sneakers are kind of cool, but somehow I still have to get used to the look

Girly sneakers in pastel shadesIt continues with a sneaker trend for spring, which is the complete opposite of the Ugly sneakers trend: feminine sneakers! Pink, lilac, apricot, light blue, vanilla – all delicate spring colors are adapted to spring sneakers. So if you like the girlish look, you will get your money’s worth here. In addition to the color, you can also use playful and feminine materials. For example, satin or velvet are popular this spring. By the way, the Girly sneakers also fit very well as a break in style with dresses

Back to classic: retro sneakers Get your old Adidas Superstars and Stan Smiths out again, because the favorite sneakers classics will celebrate their big comeback in spring 2019 ! All sneakers that are known from childhood are back now. Including Chucks, Vans, Reeboks & Co. Teenage memories are awakened again, right? 🙂 But new models in retro style are now one of the biggest sneaker trends in spring. My favorite models include the Nike Air Force (see photo) and the Adidas Superstars.

Platform sneakers and flat forms Platform sneakers? Yes, you read that right 🙂 Sneakers are aiming high this year. Nice side effect? You can cheat yourself easily, quickly and quietly a few centimeters taller without having to switch to uncomfortable high heels. Okay, the platform sneakers are not super casual and graceful, but I think this is one of those trends that you have to see a few more times before you can make friends with them. What do you all mean?

Sneakers with wild prints and patterns White sneakers are a classic and always fit, but patterned shoes are a highlight and give the finishing touch to a simple outfit. No matter whether animal print, checks, colorful or patterns in black and white – this season sneakers will be printed . By the way, these shoes are the perfect start for you to set an eye-catcher in the look. The entire look does not always have to be striking – on the contrary. Often one or two pieces are enough to make a style interesting.

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