From Elegant To Casual Cleverly Combine Dresses

Dresses are among the all-round talents of women’s fashion because they are practical, feminine and versatile at the same time. Combined with matching shoes and accessories, fashionable outfits for various occasions result. With four looks, we show you how you can stylishly combine very different dresses. Be excited! An invitation to a birthday, a wedding or even an evening in the theater – when there is a festive occasion, we are spoiled for choice and are happy to choose a nice dress, the right shoes, the right bag and everything that is needed for the desired one Look needs.

Surely you have at least one dress in your closet that is meant for a special moment. Dresses are versatile combination wonders that can be combined noble and elegant, but also everyday, casual and sporty. For this reason, we celebrate the dress in its versatility in this article. We show you four different outfits, in which one dress plays the main role: from simple elegance to classic chic to sporty freshness and feminine charm.

Confident and serious: the shift dress

Whether birthday, meeting, evening event or everyday life – the shift dress is a real all-rounder in women’s fashion. Hardly any other model stands for stylish elegance as much as the knee-length, slightly tailored dress. It is simple, narrow and emphasizes your femininity, but shows little of the cleavage. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for a business outfit, but also as an evening variant. For a classic look, dresses in muted colors such as black or blue have prevailed. In everyday life you are welcome to use more color and wear a shift dress in fashionable berry red and fine dot pattern. A blazer is recommended as a jacket if you want to emphasize a serious style. If you prefer something more everyday and less business-like,»Dress In .

Since the shift dress is cut very simply, you can enhance your look with eye-catching jewelry. Trendy statement chains go well with a model with a round neckline. The shoes are always right with classic pumps. Pointed shoes visually lengthen the leg and match the elegance of these garments. In general, women’s shoes with heels are ideal combination partners for the elegant model. If you want to add a little more casualness to your outfit with a shift dress, you can also slip into ankle boots. Sandals are a recommendation for an everyday look, in the office or at a formal evening event these shoes can quickly look too playful.

Timelessly elegant in every situation: the little black dress

You have been looking forward to the romantic evening for a long time: First a visit to the theater is planned and then you may go to the newly opened bar. This is the right time to use a fashionable secret weapon: the little black dress. Vogue once described it as “a kind of uniform for all women with taste”. Thanks to its simple and elegant color, the classic among women’s dresses can be combined in many different ways and is therefore suitable for many occasions: from dinner in a classy restaurant to New Year’s Eve and champagne receptions. Whether backless, halter or shirt dress – we encounter the little black dress in many variations today.

The styling options are correspondingly diverse, so that we could actually dedicate our own contribution to the “little black dress”. Typical is the timeless elegance that it radiates in every situation. The black shift dress with decorative bow detail is perfect for a classy appearance. Therefore, classic pumps made of smooth leather and with a half-high heel are a stylish choice. Subtle restraint is also required when it comes to jewelry, so that the black garment comes into its own. With a brooch or earrings made of silver jewelry you set a noble accent. For an evening outfit, the clutch adds a shiny finish and offers space for a cell phone, lipstick and other small items. Together with the fashionable blazer, you can also quickly transform the model into a business outfit.

Feminine and happy in your free time: the floral dress

Women’s dresses with flower prints radiate romance and femininity. You can use this for a playful look or create style breaks with a rock jacket. Variants with flowers are particularly in high season in spring and summer. A dress with long, slightly transparent sleeves, like our model by »Laura Kent, but you can also wear it on cooler days in late summer. With a few tricks, you can style such a floral dress elegantly and adult. The playful floral prints require some restraint when combining them with other designs or patterns, otherwise the outfit could quickly appear overloaded. For example, the sporty denim jacket is color-coordinated with the berry tone of the dress and creates a casual break in style. The gray Chelsea ankle boots also provide a stylish contrast. The block heel carries you comfortably through the city, while the closed shape makes the floral dress suitable for autumn. Finally, round off the look with a modern pouch pocket in the color of the shoes.

Whether simple and elegant, timeless and classic, sporty-casual or romantic-playful: dresses are available for every style. Which outfit is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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