Garments For Every Figure: These Pieces Are Suitable For All Women

You always thought that there is no piece of clothing that really suits all women with every figure? Then you were wrong. We even found five parts.¬†What am I wearing today ? You probably ask yourself this question every day in front of your mirror in a pile of clothes. Maybe the evening before or spontaneously in the morning – unfortunately, the decision of what the outfit should look like often poses a particularly big styling challenge. This dress doesn’t flatter my silhouette, these pants are bulky and this shirt also makes me look way too wide.

Of course there are pieces of clothing that flatter certain figure types better than others, as they skilfully conceal problem areas or put the bottom in the limelight , but there are also certain do’s and don’ts that are important when styling yours Everyday looks matter. For this reason we once asked ourselves whether there aren’t parts that everyone can actually wear. And tada we found it! No matter whether with certain curves and curves or a super narrow waist, these pieces suit every lady.

Straight-leg jeans

An absolute must-have: jeans ! Each of us has such a classic and we already have such an item in different versions. The straight-leg model should be in every fashionista’s wardrobe, because it always conjures up a beautiful, stretched leg . Due to the loose cut, fat flaps can be concealed on the stomach or a narrow waist can be accentuated with a belt. Another plus point: The high waistband lifts our bottom, which makes it look super crisp in the pants . Combined with a simple shirt and a long blazer or with a turtleneck sweater and a long autumn coat, all women really look great there.


This timeless piece should of course not be missing. A well-fitting blazer really suits every woman, it just depends on the shape. Small ladies, for example, should opt for a tailored cut , whereas tall, slim ladies can choose an oversize or long version. A narrow or wide belt can be worn to perfectly stage the middle of the body . A striped shirt and culotte jeans round off the outfit perfectly with this jacket. Then there’s the perfect ankle boot and nothing stands in the way of an autumn walk through the park.

Knitted sweater

Especially with the colder temperatures that autumn and winter bring with them, women should definitely not do without something cozy . If you are looking for a figure flatterer for every type, you wo n’t go wrong with a knitted sweater . From fine to coarse knit or from plain to patterned sweaters, here we have a free choice. It goes without saying that knitwear is currently very popular and that we can pull these pieces over clothes or combine them with Marlene trousers with sneakers , if we want a sporty touch.

A-line skirt

For the more feminine and playful girls among us, there is of course a piece of clothing that none of us have to do without, despite problem areas. We’re talking about an A-line skirt . Whether short, midi or maxi, it doesn’t matter, because the main thing is that the shape is right. Thanks to the waisted seat, the silhouette comes into its own and can also hide fat deposits on the stomach. A blouse for the business look or a t-shirt and chunky cardigan for a more casual appearance are always a good choice. To make our legs look longer, we can put on stylish ankle boots with heels for our shoes . So we kill two birds with one stone … um look.

Leather jacket

It really makes quite a few outfits more casual and cool in no time, we’re talking about the leather jacket . Another plus point here: the garment flatters every figure, from curvy to super slim women. With the biker model, you can also decide whether you like a tight-fitting, oversized, tailored item or an item with shoulder pads . The choice is huge. One cut that always works well is the classic one with a belt at the waistband and ending at the hips. You can combine everything your fashion heart desires. White t-shirt or blouse, maxi dresses or skirts, you are spoiled for choice.

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