Getting Married During The Week – Advantages And Disadvantages At A Glance

Most weddings in Germany take place on a weekend. After all, it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the most beautiful festival in life free of everyday obligations and to relax stress-free the next day and let the experience sink in. The most popular day for wedding celebrations is Saturday, and most civil weddings are held on a Friday. Some registry offices also offer the option of holding the wedding on Saturdays.

Monday through Thursday are less popular

Some couples choose to have a midweek wedding. There can be various reasons for this, for example if a special date falls on a weekday. This can be the anniversary, the day you get to know each other, a numerical specialty such as 19.09.2019 or another day that has a special meaning for the bride and groom.

But not only the date, but also pragmatic reasons can make the decision on a weekday.

Midweek wedding benefits

If you consciously decide to have a celebration during the week, there are numerous possibilities to organize it.

Many service providers are available, as musicians , photographers , bakers and wedding stylists as well as hairdressers in particular are booked out a long time in advance, but mostly on the weekends. During the week it is very easy to get an appointment with popular and fully booked service providers. Even locations for the celebration are hardly booked out for weddings during the week, so the selection is increasing enormously. Some service providers, caterers, hotels and localities even charge lower prices if you book for a day from Monday to Thursday.

Every bridal couple has their own priorities and for some people the location of the wedding ceremony and the celebration is crucial. If all possible weekends are booked out, an appointment can usually be found during the week.

Dealing with the guests

So that all people who are important to the bride and groom can also come to the wedding, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, it is important to provide information about the upcoming festival in good time. Save-The-Date cardsare in this case a really sensible decision, which can be made online without any financial effort. This means that guests can plan their vacation long in advance. It should also be borne in mind that, despite the timely announcement, some people may not be able to come because they simply cannot get a vacation, the children cannot be taken out of school or cannot find care. It is usually easier for single people to take a day off than for families of several people. The bride and groom need a lot of tact and shouldn’t take it personally if some guests are unable to come. Even if it is the most important day in life for the couple, a strange wedding is not the focus of other people’s lives. Even if you want to have all your loved ones with you,

Nevertheless, a celebration during the week is usually manageable for the guests, especially if it is held in the same city. So maybe some people can’t come to the wedding, but there is usually time in the evening. Less alcohol is drunk during the week and partying until the early hours of the morning is not possible for everyone, but this should not detract from the romantic mood. Especially for quieter, more relaxed weddings in an intimate circle, it is almost irrelevant whether a wedding takes place on the weekend or during the week.

Communication is essential

If you want to celebrate the wedding on a weekday, it is the decision of the bride and groom. But if there are still doubts, you can get support and opinion from the guests and prepare them for it before the invitation. In a conversation you can usually already see the willingness to take a weekday off for the wedding. If you communicate the concern personally and in advance, guests feel particularly valued and like to spend a day of vacation for the most beautiful celebration of the couple. The final decision, however, lies solely with the hosts; setbacks in the form of rejections shouldn’t spoil the joy. Many weddings have already been celebrated successfully during the week and were an unforgettable celebration.

Positive reports from the former newlyweds

Some people got married during the week and don’t regret this decision in the least. The only serious drawback is the fact that not all guests may be able to take their time. In most cases, it’s a perfect choice for a low budget wedding, smaller celebrations, and most importantly, making the perfect wedding anniversary date.


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