Glamour Outfits For Special Occasions

Dear readers, the time for cozy get-togethers is slowly but surely approaching, and especially towards the end of the year numerous holidays await us, which we will spend with our loved ones. Don’t you feel the same way? When it gets colder outside, we are all the more looking forward to a cozy brunch with friends, long conversations with good food and a glass of wine in our favorite restaurant and of course the peaceful Christmas days. So it can’t hurt to add some chic outfits to our wardrobe right now, right? So we can enjoy the events stress-free and are also well equipped for spontaneous appointments. Today we would like to introduce you to two outfits with a glamor factor and additionally tell you how to conjure up the perfect all-round styling.

Glamorous look with elegant velvet dress

The outfit: Velvet is ideal for festive occasions, because hardly any fabric exudes so much elegance and glamor. Our recommendation from the current collection: the short-sleeved dress from compliments ! The soft velvet material with a floral pattern makes you look particularly feminine and is a real eye-catcher at every event.

So that you don’t freeze in the cooler temperatures, you can wear skin-colored tightswear under the dress. Now, of course, the right shoes are part of a glamorous outfit: For this look, we use classic black pumps with rounded toes and comfortable heels. By the way, you are welcome to leave your large handbag at home! Remain true to the elegant look – everything you need for a nice evening also fits into the chic, black clutch from Tamaris .

Our tip: Due to the luxurious look of the fabric, we recommend that you choose plain jewelry, otherwise the look will quickly appear overloaded. Let the dress speak for itself and shimmer with the candlelight!

The make-up: With make-up you can wonderfully focus on the eyes. With the right eye shadow you provide an irresistible look at the eyes, it is up to you whether you choose a golden shade or pick up the color of the dress and conjure up so-called “Smokey Eyes” with a darker eye shadow.

The hairstyle: Your hairstyle should exude as much glamor as your outfit. The key to success here is: volume! With a little foaming agent, you can style your hair wonderfully voluminous after washing, for example with the help of a curling iron .

Casual elegance with sequins and sneakers

The outfit: You don’t always need a dress to ensure a glamorous appearance – even with the sequin sweater from Laura Kent you are perfectly dressed for every occasion. A special plus is the soft viscose material, which gives you a comfortable fit. Speaking of which: if the evening goes a little longer, it is important that you don’t have to forego comfort despite an elegant look. As a combination partner with the sweater, we therefore recommend the elastic trousers in jacquard design. The slim-fit model lets your legs appear endlessly long and gives your outfit the finishing touch. Your look will then be rounded off with a real highlight: the platform sneakers in a modern metallic look from ┬╗Filipe Shoes . We’d be ready to go out then, would you?

Our tip: Remain true to the motto “less is more” when choosing jewelry. Silver earrings harmonize with the shoes and round off the outfit in style. However, you should not use a chain because you already combine enough glamor elements in your look.

The make-up: We recommend a natural make-up for the casual look; a little mascara and pink lipstick are enough here.

The hairstyle: If you opt for loose hair, you should try a shine shampoo so that your hair shimmers all evening. Our tip: If you blow your hair with a hair straightener after blow drying , it will fit perfectly all evening.

Ladies, now it’s your turn! Switch on your styling equipment, get the make-up out of your toilet bag and practice for the upcoming celebrations in winter. Let us know in the comments if you have a fashionable favorite. Will we see you this year in a velvet dress or rather in a sequin sweater? Whichever look you choose, you will certainly look gorgeous!


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