Good And Adapted Was Yesterday – The Silk Scarf As A Casual Trend

Silk – a fabric that has been a much valued material for many centuries, even millennia, and is interwoven with many myths and legends. The feather-light material still has a reputation for luxury, the use of which was previously reserved for the upper classes of society. But the silk frees itself more and more from the reputation of being an accessory for the somewhat bidder and classic woman.

The silk scarf – an accessory of the upper class?

An elegantly dressed lady, hair tied into a bun. She wears a blouse, a pencil skirt and a tightly bound cloth around her neck. A picture that comes up quickly when you think of the classic silk scarf tied around your neck . Admittedly, the silk scarf worn around the neck radiates a kind of upper-class feeling. But since this year at the latest, the accessory has managed to escape its good and adapted reputation.

Limitless styling options

The versatile possibilities of using a silk cloth in an outfit make it a casual, trendy item of clothing that is no longer reserved for flight attendants and business ladies. Especially in summer, towels made from this cool, light fabric are a great companion.

Classic as a scarf

Of course, the silk scarf can still be worn around the neck. In addition to the classic knot already mentioned, there are numerous other techniques for stylishly tying a cloth. How about the simple European loop, for example? Here you or woman fold the scarf halfway, put it around your neck and pull the open end through the loop of the scarf.

Or what about the somewhat more unusual waterfall technique, in which the cloth is tied loosely? Here the cloth is folded asymmetrically, so that a large triangle is created on the front. The cloth is now placed around the neck and the two ends knotted together on one side. Burberry also has a trend towards wearing scarvesset. The ends of the cloth just hang loosely down at the front. This has the advantage that much more of the pattern of the fabric is visible and therefore comes into its own.

The cloth as a splash of color in your outfit

But who says that a silk cloth must be worn around your neck? Because that is by no means the only area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication. There are hardly any limits to the possibilities and your own creativity when using them. For example, a cloth can be converted into a casual belt. Simply pull through the belt loops of the trousers or jeans and the colorful summer look is ready.

Colorful hair accessories

At the moment very trendy is a form of wear that looks like an ethnic look and is sure to attract attention. Wearing the silk scarf on your head as a kind of turban. Another suitable, colorful fabric pattern selected and the look is perfect.
If you do not like the turban style or if the styling is simply too expensive, you can simply tie the scarf around your head as a hair band. One way to add some color and variety to your own hairstyle is to replace the classic hair tie with a silk cloth.

The changeable

But the silk scarf cannot only be used as a simple accessory. For example, it can also be easily converted into a bag for small things. Simply knot two corners together – the fashionable eye-catcher is ready. With a little skill, even large items of clothing can be conjured up from large cloths – without cutting and sewing. Simply put the scarf around your neck, wrap it around your body below your shoulders and fix it with a belt around your waist. Here, too, there are no limits to your creativity and ingenuity.

Silk scarves – versatile and trendy

Silk is a versatile accessory that has long left its reputation as a piece of jewelry for the brave, adapted upper class lady. The possible uses of the fine fabric are as varied as the selection of fabric patterns, shapes and colors. From classic use around the neck to colorful hair accessories to use as a belt or dress: a silk cloth should not be missing in any wardrobe.


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