Greet Summer With Floral Patterns!

Dear readers, you are sure to be feeling the same way as we are at the moment: warm sunbeams and a sweet floral scent lure you outdoors and tempt you to take long walks through the sprouting nature. Flowers create harmony and a good mood, it makes no difference whether they bloom in the garden, decorate the coffee table – or can be found on our clothes. Because even in terms of fashion, it can be a little more in spring. Now discover the floral trend look that sets accents and signals: Summer can come!

Flowery on the way – with these shoes you are heading for summer

Splendidly glowing flower meadows, the scent of fresh grass and small daisies that tickle your feet – spring impressions like this help us to switch off even on turbulent days and simply let our minds wander. That’s why we love floral patterns on our shoes, because at every step they remind us of the wonderful bloom that the warm season has to offer. Comfortable clasp pumps with a floral print are ideal for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. The dark variant can be perfectly combined with muted tones, the light floral print matches airy dresses and tunics. It is particularly light-footed in sneakers with floral embroidery or in loafers with a bright floral design through the spring-like day. You see They see:

Lingerie and swimwear with floral lightness

The warm season will soon invite you to take a long bath in the lake or open air pool. Bright summer colors and floral patterns can therefore also be found in the latest swimwear. Everything you like is allowed when choosing the floral print! Large prints with hibiscus, like on a swimsuit with palm leaves, are real eye-catchers on the beach. Even a fashionable »swimsuit , on which flowers and animal prints are combined, lets the warm sun rays on our skin. But not only on the beach, also under everyday clothing, floral patterns make us happy: A delicate underwire bra with a rosy print is wonderfully feminine and guarantees maximum comfort thanks to the wider stretch straps.

Naturally beautiful: floral jewelry

Floral patterns show our attachment to nature and symbolize the beauty of the little things in life. So floral accents as an expression of our personality can also be fabulously integrated into an outfit with statement chains. A handmade necklace with seashell blossoms and glass beads, for example, immediately creates a wow effect on simple clothing. Would you prefer to bet on a single color? Statement chains are a great choice here too. Do you like the sparkling model made of purple glass stones or the »necklace with rose-colored flowers better? For us, one thing is certain: statement jewelry, as colorful and versatile as nature, should not be missing this spring!

Fashionable favorite pieces with a floral flair

The dreary winter required a lot of patience and long enough it was just as colorless in the wardrobe as in nature. But now that’s the end, because floral patterns are a fashionable signal for the upcoming summer time. A single piece of clothing with a floral detail, like a tunic with decorative hole embroidery, can make us look forward to the next barbecue with friends. Spring awakening is also ensured by feminine trousers with a floral print and a sweatshirt with romantic floral embroidery. And where flowers bloom, bees, butterflies and ladybugs are of course also buzzing around – just like on the spring-embroidered jeans long blouse with which the sunny days can come outdoors.

But before you start spring in a flowery, lively way, we have a little tip ready: it is recommended to use floral patterns accentuated and to move around in a color world when combined. If you absolutely want to mix different tones, you should use the colors of the flower pattern to create an exciting but harmonious combination. Whether in bold colors or in delicate pastel shades, floral designs conjure up a smile on our faces in no time at all. Let us know in the comments how you would like to combine your new floral favorite. In our »online shop you will also find further inspiration for a colorful start to the warm season. We hope you have fun shopping!


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