Hairstyles For Elongated Faces And Angular Faces

The right hairstyling can do a lot more than just look pretty – it can flatter our faces and smooth out irregular contours. If you have a square face, you can make your distinctive facial features appear softer with the right hairstyle. You can recognize a square face by a pronounced chin and / or jaw area. The sides of the face run in an almost straight line from the forehead to the chin. The forehead is usually broad and the lower jaw angular. Even if women with distinctive contours look energetic and confident, many want their face shape to appear softer. We’ll reveal the best styling tips and hairstyles for square faces.

Softer contours thanks to the step cut and bangs

The more angular the face, the softer the contours of the hairstyle should be. Curly or wavy hair that plays around the face is therefore ideal. But also a pony or straight strands of hair that fall loosely on the face hide angular contours. The bangs shouldn’t be cut too straight. On the other hand, step cuts that add movement to the hairstyle as a whole are perfect. In principle, a side parting is also preferable to its central counterpart. Strict, graphic hairstyles are rather discouraged for women with angular faces.

Short hairstyles for square faces

Would you prefer to keep your hair shorter? Then the pixie cut is the best hairstyle for you. No matter whether smooth and elegant or fringed and stepped – the pixie cut can be styled very versatile and can be optimally adapted to the shape of the face. The trendy long bob is also suitable for square faces – especially in combination with angled bangs or wavy hair.

A hairstyle can do a lot more than just look pretty. It can make the proportions of our face look more harmonious. With the right hairstyle, we can easily cheat ourselves a little nicer! We’ll show you which looks are ideal for elongated faces.

You should pay attention to these details:

The ideal face is oval, which means that we generally find this shape to be particularly harmonious. But not all of us are blessed with that. If you have an elongated, narrow face, your forehead will appear too high and your chin too straightened. To compensate for this small flaw, you need a hairstyle that visually shortens and widens the face.

Pay attention to the right details: a pony, for example, is a real plus for any haircut because it takes the length of the face. So that it also appears wider, you should pay attention to volume in the side sections – this compensates for the narrow. For example, a bob with soft waves in the lengths and side bangs would be ideal for you.

Far less beneficial is anything that visually elongates the face or makes the forehead appear higher, for example a beehive, a quiff or an upright pony. Any volume on the top of the head is counterproductive – the hair should always lie flat here.

We’ll give you even more tips for elongated faces on the next few pages. We will also show you how the stars implemented them.


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