Handbag Care Tips: How It Works!

With these handbag care tips, your accessory will last forever! : You only invested in an expensive handbag a few days ago and it happened directly this morning: a nasty nail scratch on the beautiful leather! Damn it, and now? Don’t panic, this can be repaired with a little patience and delicacy. But to prevent this – and other damage from dirt, sweat and the like – from happening to you in the first place, I’ll tell you what you need to look out for immediately after buying a handbag. Designer pieces always mean a bit of work – at least if you want them to stay beautiful for a long time.

Remove small scratches

First we remove the small scratch on smooth leather. And that’s actually very easy. Grab a Q-Tip, put some hand cream on it and gently brush it over the scratch. Now you take a microfiber cloth and polish the area neatly. If the scratch is deeper, you may need to use shoe polish. Make sure it is the same color as the bag. You can remove scratches in a suede handbag by grabbing a shoe cleaning brush and roughening up the leather at the appropriate point. This changes the surface structure and the scratch is almost invisible.

No more rubbed handles

Sometimes you can already see that a bag is loved. Not necessarily on the body, but on the handles. This comes from the fact that hands actually always carry bacteria, dirt and sweat, which permanently damage the leather. Creamy hands are also poison for beautiful leather. Because they cause grease stains. Therefore: The right wearing technique is important. And that is, wear it in the crook of your arm.

The right leather care

The best way to care for suede and suede bags is with a special care spray that also impregnates. You can get it most in every shoe store and leather store. Shake the bottle and spray your handbag from about 20 centimeters away, let it take effect for a short time and then grab the suede brush and treat the leather by roughening it up a bit. Dirt and water already have no chance.

You can treat smooth leather with special leather creams and a cotton cloth. Simply put the leather care (also available in specialist shops or in the shoe shop) on the cloth (not too thick) and then work it into the leather in a circular motion. Then leave it on for about 20 minutes and then polish with a clean cotton cloth or a soft shoe brush. And the handbag is already protected from all weather conditions. Depending on whether you carry the bag a lot or a little, you should repeat the leather care within a few weeks.

Bye, stains!

Another important tip that is high on my list of handbag care tips is the right technique for removing stains. Because leather is sensitive and forgives next to nothing when it comes to stains. The top priority is, the faster you react to the stain, the easier it is to treat. Many drugstores have special stain removers for leather that are gentle but effective. Try it. If that doesn’t help, just don’t try diagonal household remedies with vinegar or flour. Instead, go straight to the professional. Professionals are above all shoemakers who are extremely familiar with the nature of leather. Your handbag is in safe and above all experienced hands there.

Remove odors

You were just in a snack bar and now your handbag smells terrible of fat and food? No problem, it’s easy to solve. Grab a Tupper jar that fits perfectly in your handbag. Fill it with baking soda and carefully open it in your handbag. In addition, you stow the bag in an old pillowcase and now wait 24 hours. You won’t smell anything after that, because the baking soda absorbs the unpleasant smells.

Proper storage is half the battle

If you don’t carry your handbag, you have to take care of the right care. Because handbags also have their needs in stand-by condition. Sunlight, for example, permanently damages the leather. It can fade and dry out. So when you’re not using it, put it away so that it is protected from it. You should also always stuff them. Whether with tissue paper, old newspaper, a scarf or hats. Whatever you have at home, put it in your handbag. This is the only way to keep its shape over the years. Last, but not least, use the dustbag. This is the fine cotton bag in which the handbag is delivered. And yes, it actually has a function. Namely to protect the handbag from dust and dirt, but also to protect smells (e.g. from the kitchen).


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