Hoodie: This New Way Of Wearing It Ignites The Web

On Instagram and TikTok , the hoodie turns away from its primary function to interfere in the locker room of fashionable girls. Sofia Coelho , Emma Rose, Jacquie Alexander , Wendy Swan, Kenza Sadoun el Glaoui … Across the Atlantic as in France, a handful of influencers are fighting over the merits of the hoodie , considering it this time, not with jogging , but with shorts . Become the new fad of the modosphere in this period of reconfinement. But it is indeed the Philippine Bella Poarch (which has more than 40.8 million subscribers on TikTok) who has helped to take off the trend.


A political symbol in spite of itself, the hoodie has been operating for ten years, a transition from sports fields to the playground of street style. And for good reason, the creators redesigned the cut of this top, traditionally in thick cotton and equipped with a kangaroo pocket, to demonstrate its versatility.

Alter ego of the sweater , the hoodie bears witness to a striking stylistic change. If it was worn until recently with casual pieces but also with resolutely fashionable pieces (pumps, miniskirt, cropped blazer or not), this essential basic is now combined with a shorty . Ally found to inject him with a dose of sexy without the fuss. In knit, corduroy or smooth, denim, silk, linen, cotton or simply stretch cycling style, the shorts, matching the hoodie , complete the range of a successful homewear look .


With a fascinating fashion background , the hoodie surprisingly draws its origins from the era of Ancient Greece. Reissued in the form that was lent to it in the 1930s by the Champion brand (intended for athletes), the hooded sweatshirt then began its ascent by integrating the dressing room of American workers, seduced by its comfort and its practicality.

But it was not until its arrival on American campuses that the hoodie took a stylistic turn, going so far as to dress high school students, then trendy high school girls of the 1950s. Subsequently, the seventies period confirmed the notoriety of the sweatshirt when it became the must-have of rappers, skateboarders and graffiti artists, whose wearing of the hood guaranteed them the most certain anonymity. Sadly, in 2012, the hoodie finally made dark headlines, going so far as to become a symbol of racial inequality in the United States. It was not until a year later that the Times put it back in the spotlight, following the highly publicized appearance of Mark Zuckerberg, wearing a black hoodie.


Traditionally worn with sneakers and loose- cut jogging , the hoodie has witnessed an unparalleled stylistic change for several seasons. And for good reason, fashionistas are considering it with more fashionable clothes and accessories: stilletoes , blazers , or even miniskirts, now rub shoulders with this stainless steel basic of our wardrobe.
If its price can sometimes be around a month’s salary, depending on the label to which it is attached, the hoodie remains one of the most accessible pieces. To boost our ecological awareness, and add a vintage touch to our look, we will think about recycling the hoodie of our youth by associating it with more fashionable clothes.


Drawing its origins from the era of Ancient Greece, the hoodie has spanned the millennia to become the iconic piece we know. Officially launched in the 1930s by the Champion brand (intended for athletes of the time), the hoodie subsequently burst into the locker room of American workers who monopolized it for its comfort and practicality. But his fashion ascent was truly confirmed as soon as he arrived on American campuses, with the birth of high school romance, and in particular due to the fact that the players of the sports teams of the time lent their sweatshirts to their girlfriends.

The famous hoodie finally reached its stylistic peak at the end of the 70s when it was adopted by hip-hop culture, rappers, skateboarders and graffiti artists. One of the reasons? The ideal anonymity that wearing the hood promised when they engaged in illicit activities like the graffiti, which flooded the streets of New York to Los Angeles.
In 2012, the hoodie made dark headlines, becoming the symbol of racial inequality in the United States. But it was not until 2013 that emerges from the shadows to build into a symbol of power, after the Time has publicized the appearance of Mark Zuckerberg wearing a hoodie with black hood at a press conference with Wall Street investors. A fashionable piece, with a background as fascinating as it is surprising.


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