How Much Budget Do We Need For Our Wedding?

Two people found each other and together they realized that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Of course, the topic then comes up: What does a wedding cost? There are no upper limits. It is important for the bridal couple to find out what is important. What is really important, what can possibly be dispensed with? How big should the celebration be and should one take place at all. Nowadays, virtually anything is possible, and accordingly the costs are wide-ranging.

Simple or pompous?

The basic requirement is the marriage ceremony at the registry office. You can’t avoid these costs. The bride and groom need a certified birth certificate. This costs about 10 euros, depending on the state. Assuming that you have a valid identity card, you pay around 50 euros as a German citizen to register. You pay a good 12 euros for the marriage certificate. Even a wedding ring is no longer necessary these days. So all in all, it is possible to get married for less than 100 euros if you want to. The 50 euros for registration, for example, only apply to weddings during the regular opening times.

So if you want to get married at the weekend, for example, you can expect additional costs, which also vary depending on the federal state. Likewise, if the wedding ceremony is not held in the registry office, but rather in an external location, additional costs will apply A small champagne reception after the civil ceremony would cost around 50 to 100 euros. So it’s not that easy to set a budget. Here are a few inspirations worth pondering.

The wedding rings

Nowadays it is no longer mandatory to exchange rings at the wedding ceremony. Some people don’t do it entirely, they choose other pieces of jewelry or, for example, get partner tattoos. It is also possible to have the wedding rings tattooed yourself.
Anyone who decides in favor of a ring has the whole range of material in front of them. From very simple pieces of jewelry from various fashion jewelry manufacturers to wedding rings that can easily run into the thousands. Internet providers are usually cheaper, but it is advisable to go to a local wedding ring dealer or jeweler for competent advice. There you can try the rings on and in the worst case, you won’t be sitting there with the wrong size or even without rings on the day of the wedding.

The clothes: wedding dress and suit

Here, too, there is a wide range of prices with no upper limit. In principle, clothes that are already in the closet can also be worn, but most bridal couples usually want something special. Simple suits / costumes for the bride and groom can be ordered online for as little as 70 euros. We do not recommend ordering clothes from abroad. Of course, wedding dresses and suits from China look temptingly cheap, but the poor quality will be very disappointing and returns are expensive and time-consuming. For men, all clothing (including shirt, tie and shoes) is available from a men’s outfitter for as little as 500 euros. Sometimes it pays to have a cheaper suit fitted by a tailor.

Wedding dresses are also available for as little as 300 euros, for example used or in an outlet. It should be noted, however, that things like jewelry, shoes, stockings or handbags are not yet included. Otherwise, of course, if you want, you can go into the thousands for the cost. The bride may also not want to wear her dress or shoes all day when a celebration is planned. Then of course the second outfit has to be included in the calculation.

The bride’s make-up and hairstyle are not yet planned . Should it be simple with a subtle make-up and a wreath of flowers? On the most beautiful day in the bride’s life, however, you can plan on spending 300 euros with the hairdresser and make-up stylist. It is essential to make an appointment for a test set and make-up!
If you want a bridal bouquet, you can get it from 20 euros. Depending on your wishes, this can also go up to 100 euros and more.

The party

Here, too, we start small. First it must be clarified whether there should be a celebration and if so how big it should be. If there is a celebration, the number of guests must be determined. There are newlyweds who celebrate in their own garden in a small circle and let the guests contribute something to the buffet as a wedding present. The costs are correspondingly low, of course, as there is no catering or location. Turkish weddings, on the other hand, can have 1,000 guests. Of course, the higher the costs and effort. On average, German weddings are 50 people strong.

Nowadays, invitations can be created free of charge on the Internet and sent by email and no longer have to be printed out and sent by post. Nevertheless, guests are happy to receive stylish invitation cards. Depending on the effort and individuality, the costs are 1 to 3 euros per invitation card. Save-The-Date cards can be sent quickly and easily online.

A location should be chosen according to the number of guests. Likewise the catering. Maybe there is a theme wedding. The catering should of course be accordingly.
Should a photographer be there? If it is professional, this can easily cost 1000 euros. Higher prices are also quite common, especially when there are two photographers on site.


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