How To Choose And Accessorize A Red Dress?

We all know the indestructible little black dress, essential to our dressings. As for the little white dresses, their effectiveness in enhancing our golden silhouettes by the sun is no longer to be proven. But what about the red dress ? Red, the symbol of passion and the color of femininity par excellence. This year the red dress takes its place on the catwalks of the little scrunchy dresses. Deciphering a trend of the year 2019: how to choose a red dress? All the answers to your questions are in this article!

3 ways to choose a red dress?

What color of red dress to choose? If you don’t want to be mistaken, you will have to identify your complexion. Nothing worse than an overly bright red on fair skin, for example. The result could be bland and not at all up to what you want. Therefore, if you feel that the red dress is not for you and that it does not suit your complexion, you may simply not find the shade that suits you best. ! Here’s how to do it! There are three types of skin tone: fresh, neutral and warm.

An easy benchmark to help you:

  • People with a fresh complexion often have bluish or purple veins
  • People with warm skin tones have greener veins and usually tan easily without blushing
  • People with neutral complexions have discreet and clear veins

What red for a warm complexion?

  • Choose a dark red , a tomato red, a purplish or orange red
  • Do not choose a too bright red like ruby red for example

What red for a fresh complexion?

  • opt for a ruby ​​red or a rosy red

What red for a neutral complexion?

  • all shades of red can go with a neutral complexion, treat yourself!

What cut for my red dress?

It is important to choose a cut that fits your figure.

  • If you are tall then opt for a longer dress
  • If you are small, avoid long tight dresses

It is important to dress well according to its morphology .

And the tight red dress , do we dare or not?

If you want a sexy look, then the tight red dress is undoubtedly THE dress for you. It’s all about acceptance and personal style! Take care of your accessories so as not to overdo it and stay in a sexy but elegant touch!

The style of the dress

The red dress is not reserved for a special occasion. Exit the image of the red dress which is only seen as sexy. You can wear a little red dress for many occasions but also in casual mode. To wear it during the day, you can choose a basic model that reaches the knees, a pretty V-neck and three-quarter sleeves. Don’t take something too tight or too short for a weekday. The larger and longer the dress, the more comfortable and stylish the look will be. Also think that the simpler the patterns of your dresses, the easier it will be to accessorize them.

What to wear with a red dress?

The red color is already a bold color, we often wonder about the right way to associate it and accessorize it. The editorial staff answer all your questions so as not to make a fashion faux pas!

What makeup with my red dress?

Remember that red is already a strong color, full of daring and strength. To highlight your dress, opt for simple makeup .

  • eyeshadow in natural colors
  • discreet mascara
  • light foundation layer

As for lipstick, everything will depend on the color of your dress and the occasion for which you wear it. It is sometimes good to match your lipstick with the color of your dress especially when you are in the evening. During the day, with a floral dress or a light and flowing little dress, we will rather opt for nude tones.

What varnish to wear with a red dress?

That’s a good question. Nothing worse than a varnish that spoils the elegant look that gives you your sublime red dress. What colors of varnish go well with a red dress?

all shades of nude
pinkish beige
the White
navy blue
red to match your dress or in an elegant shade
The varnish shades to be avoided are all flashy colors! No pink, green, blue etc …

The accessories

What to wear as shoes with my red dress? For day wear, opt for plain shoes without patterns, such as metallic, silver or gold colors for example.

For your evenings, allow yourself more eccentricity on the shoes. It’s time to get your heels out if you like to be sexy.

What jewelry to wear with a red dress?

The first question to ask yourself : What color of jewelry to wear with my red dress? Again, you have to bet on simplicity with gold or silver jewelry.

As we said above, the red dress is perfect for special occasions, parties, formal evenings. But then how to accessorize it without doing too much?

  • Stick to up to two accessories
  • Harmonize two accessories (no silver ring with golden earrings of course)
  • Choose elegant jewelry and not costume jewelry
  • Stay on solid jewelry tones


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