How To Choose And Match A Red Skirt?

Are you looking for an attractive, colorful and elegant outfit? Wearing a red skirt is incredibly trendy. Perfect for the summer and spring seasons, the red skirt brings a breath of fresh air to your looks. She also wears very well in winter with tights. This bold color is suitable for all clothing styles, from the little red floral skirt to the ultra sexy red leather skirt. So let’s see how to choose her red skirt for a trendy look? Which red skirts are best for your body type? How to match a red skirt with the right fashion pieces?

Which red skirt for which morphology?

First of all, you have to know what type of morphology you belong to. Do not panic, we will give you a summary of the different body shapes! To go further and learn how to dress well according to your body type , do not hesitate to read this article .

  • If you have a morphology in O: little marked size, luscious chest and plump buttocks. You have generous and feminine shapes: to highlight your figure and appear more slender, you must choose a flared or straight skirt cut. Do not choose models with frills or frills. Stay on simple cuts, not too tight and take a curved cut at the waist. For a sexy and assumed look, turn to a red pencil skirt .
  • If you have a V shape: long and thin legs, shoulders wider than the hips and thin hips. The red skirt is perfect for your body shape because you have to draw the eye to the lower body! What could be better than red to attract attention? For this, you must choose models of skirts that will bring you volume. You should therefore opt for a red ruffled skirt or a red flared skirt. The wallet skirts are perfect for you.
  • If you have a morphology in A: marked waist, hips wider than the shoulders, wide hips. To rebalance your figure, you must focus on the upper body. So choose a solid red skirt without prints so as not to draw attention to the lower body. Opt for a discreetly flared red skirt or a wrap skirt but banish too marked drapes, frills and other extravagances.
  • If you have an H morphology: long, slender silhouette, slightly marked waist. For this type of silhouette, avoid marking the waist too much so as not to accentuate the rectangle shape of your body. The ideal is to choose a short or slightly slit red skirt . Opt for asymmetrical cuts.
  • If you have an 8 or X shape: shoulders and hips aligned, luscious or fine but well proportioned. You’re in luck, all the skirts fit you perfectly. Mark the size by choosing a high waist skirt and have fun. Red plaid skirt, mini skirt, midi skirt, long skirt etc ..

How to wear a red leather skirt?

We can already hear you: “An additional red and leather skirt ?? Uh, not too vulgar for me !! ” Well, well, a bit of modernity, we are in 2020, morals have largely evolved and leather is no longer reserved for rockstars long time. On the contrary, red leather is trendy and is just as suitable for the rock look as for the casual chic look as well as an elegant Megan Markle outfit with its pencil skirt. The rule of thumb with a red leather skirt is to find the right balance.

Better to bet on a round neck or turtleneck. All the more so if you wear heeled shoes with your red skirt .

How to wear a high waisted red skirt?

  • With a high-waisted red skirt, you always wear a top tucked into your skirt that you lightly coat.
  • Whatever your style of dress, if you had to choose a top with your red skirt , know that white is the perfect color.
  • If your skirt has a print (flowers, checks, polka dots), opt for a plain top with a discreet red or black writing.
  • If your red skirt is solid, you can choose a printed top.
  • Wear a white shirt with a red pencil skirt for a touch of elegance.
  • Wear lace with a flowery red skirt for a bohemian look.
  • Opt for plain white or black tops with thin straps in summer.
  • Create a retro look by wearing a red skirt with white dots with a solid white top.
  • The perfecto goes perfectly with all the cuts of red skirts.

How to wear a red skirt in winter?

  • In winter, the short skirt version is worn as easily as in summer.
  • Wear a large white braided knit or a fine sweater that you will tuck into your skirt with biker boots.
  • Opt for a pretty white blouse with your red skirt.
  • For a more chic style, dare to match a pencil skirt with an elegant shirt.
  • Pay attention to the choice of your tights with your red skirt . Opt for opaque, black tights or if your skirt is plain you can also wear patterned tights (fishnet, dots etc).

Almost all shoe styles go with a red skirt. From sneakers to heeled ankle boots, you will find the ones that best match your clothing style.

The mistakes not to make with a red skirt:

  • Wear a printed top while your skirt already has a print.
  • Opt for a red skirt which is not adapted to its morphology.
  • Put on a deep neckline while you have a short red skirt.
  • Wear waders with a short red skirt.
  • Wear a top that did not fit into her skirt.


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