How To Choose Your Cut Of Jeans According To Your Morphology?

If denim is a wardrobe staple, finding THE perfect jeans is not always an easy task. Discover some precious tips for choosing your jeans cut according to your style and your body shape in our article! Know the different cuts of jeans for women to make an informed choice

The regular

Classic of the classics, the regular cut, also called “straight cut”, is a must in denim . Straight from hip to ankle, it follows the curves of the body without molding them. Women’s regular jeans adapt to all styles and are really easy to match: with a white T-shirt and sneakers for a comfy look, with a blazer and pumps for a more chic style. Another version of straight jeans, the “straight”, which is slightly more adjusted at the hips and ankles.

The slim

Also very popular, the slim cut acts as a very good basics . Its form-fitting cut is perfect for enhancing its silhouette and works very well for a chic style. We like it associated with a blouse with a Peter Pan collar, preppy par excellence, and a pretty pair of heels, for a wise but not too trendy outfit.

The skinny

Very fashionable in recent seasons, the skinny cut has almost replaced the traditional slim . Skinny from waist to ankle, skinny jeans are probably the sexiest option available to you in terms of denim. Remember to associate it with a wiser top, and especially to avoid the total form-fitting look!


The boyfriend cut is a must for all those who dream of the famous “well dressed without doing it on purpose” effect. The cut is loose, straight and slightly carrot at the hips. We wear it with a cuff, and a nice pair of fashion moccasins to be on top.

Mom jeans

Mum jeans are very, very fashionable at the moment. Inspired by the looks of the 80s and 90s, it adds a delicious vintage touch to all your looks. The mom cut is straight , and especially high waist, which gives it that retro aura that we love so much. For those who like mum jeans or any other comfortable and stylish jeans, it is sure that the jeans cuts of the brand Esprit will satisfy your desires!

The flare

The flare cut is in fact the good old “eph legs”, slightly adjusted on the thighs and amply flared at the bottom. To be modern with flare jeans, we avoid the disco cut, very tight on the thighs and very flared from the knee.


If it is not the most trendy model of the moment, the woman bootcut jeans remains a good basic. Its cut is easily recognized: it is tight to the knees and flares slightly up to the ankles. It is a very classic cut, which works well with chic pieces such as a white shirt for example.

The slouchy

The latest addition to the vast denim family, the slouchy, or “pleated jeans”, has a very particular cut, very modern and truly original. It is loose jeans, usually high waist, slightly tightened at the ankles, and on which clips have been added. A clever mix of chic and relax, it has everything you need to integrate the wardrobe of casual-chic fans.

Choose your jeans according to your morphology: what you need to know

Discover the woman cuts of jeans that you go the better depending on your morphology .

Morphology in A: hips wider than the shoulders

  • Regular cut
  • Boyfriend cut
  • Flare Cup
  • Bootcut cut.

V-shaped morphology: shoulders wider than the hips

  • Regular cut
  • Straight cut
  • Slim fit
  • Mom Cup
  • Flare Cup
  • Bootcut cut
  • Slouchy Cup

Morphology in X: balanced shoulders and hips, with marked waist

All the cuts suit you, it’s up to you to choose the ones that will highlight you the most based on your curves.

The details that make all the difference

The cut is obviously an essential element for choosing your jeans, but it is not the only one! You also have to look at the details: the height, the color, the back pockets, etc. In essence, what you need to know is that:

  • It is preferable to opt for a raw, blue or black canvas to have multifunctional and always chic jeans .
  • The high waist is reserved for those who have the marked size.
  • The low waist for those with rather thin hips.
  • The “normal” size (at the level of the navel) is perfect for everyone.


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