How To Combine Knitted Dresses Correctly

Knitted dresses are a cozy alternative to costumes or shift dresses in the office on cold days – and can be elegantly or casually styled, depending on the occasion. we shows what women over 40 should pay attention to when combining. Plus: ten favorite winter models from 22 to 225 euros. Knitted dresses made of wool, mohair, merino and co. Keep you cozy and warm and can be combined in so many ways that we can wear them in the office as well as for a cozy winter afternoon with family or friends.

Favorably style knitted dresses: you should pay attention to this

On cold winter days, some women would like to take their duvet directly to work. The solution: Knitted dresses have the warming effect of a cozy blanket and are much more flattering to the figure – provided you pay attention to a few tricks when styling, because thick knits optically cheat a few pounds. DONNA reveals what you should consider when buying clothes so that you can enjoy your knitted new addition in the closet for a long time:


If you not only want to be warm in your knitted dress, but also want to be as advantageous as possible, the rule of thumb is: the coarser the knit, the more it is applied. Fine knit models are therefore usually easier to style and are available for many types of figures. Slim women can confidently venture into chunky knit dresses . Knitted dresses made of pure merino wool or with a high merino content are particularly soft and warm. In addition, the natural fiber is practical because it is breathable, odorless and quick-drying – so if you start to sweat in the overheated office, you don’t have to fear embarrassing sweat stains or unpleasant sweat odors. Pure wool and mohair tend to scratch the skin. If you are sensitive in this regard, you should rather choose models with a viscose or cashmere component or wear a light undergarment made of cotton or satin.

Knitted dresses made of cashmere , mohair and alpaca wool are just as practical for everyday use as merino since odors can be quickly vented from the natural material and you can wear the items of clothing several times before they have to be washed in the washing machine. Speaking of washing: knitted dresses with synthetic fibers can be easily cleaned in the normal wash cycle. On the other hand, models with merino, alpaca, mohair or cashmere parts usually have to be washed in a wool wash at low temperature or by hand wash.


The knitted dress of your choice should be cut in such a way that it emphasizes your figure. Curvy women have models in the A-line because they are fitted at the narrowest point and flared in the hip area. A female figure in tailored knitted dresses with a V-neck, which emphasizes the cleavage and visually stretches, is just as beautiful. In theory, very slim women can wear any cut. Loose-fitting oversized-style models or sleeveless knitted dresses with a blouse or long-sleeved shirt are particularly advantageous for an androgynous figure . Small women – even with 40plus – can confidently choose shorter-cut knitted dresses and defuse them with flat boots or sneakers.


Knitted dresses with wild patterns, patches or other details that are currently in trend are sure to look great for one season. But if you want to wear the model of your choice in the winter after next, you’d better go for a less extravagant look that goes with the other parts in your wardrobe. If there is no knitted dress in your closet, you should use a solid color dress. Classic models in cream white , gray, navy or black are particularly versatile to combine .

How to style knit dresses with 40plus: 3 fashionable variants

Embroidery dress single-handedly

For a cohesive look a knitted dress does not need many styling partner: Choose a midi dress in vertical rib and combine it to your favorite shoes: sneakers , flat boots or Schnürer make the outfit casual, with heels , boots or ankle boots , the Dress suitable for office and going out. In winter, a coat warms you over your dress ; in the transitional period, a leather jacket ensures a skilful change in style. With this minimalist Stying variant, you can either do without jewelry entirely or wear a long necklace that visually extends the neck and shoulder area.

Knit dress as a sweater replacement

Depending on the cut and style, knitted dresses can quickly be converted into overlong sweaters: the cuddly sweater substitute in the material mix with jeans or fine materials such as leather , velvet or jacquard is particularly beautiful . You can combine the knitted part as versatile as you would with a sweater – for example, casual with lace-up shoes, classy with pumps or sporty with warmly lined winter boots .

Layered knit dress

The layered or onion look is very trendy in winter 2017/2018 and is particularly practical in changeable weather. Knitted dresses are ideal for layering – for example in these two styling variants:

Variant 1: Pull a sleeveless knit dress over a denim blouse and a blazer vest over it . A narrow waist belt ensures balanced proportions. Loafers or moccasins , chelsea boots or lace-ups like brogues or brogues give the outfit an androgynous touch. This layering look also works on cool summer days when you pull a sleeveless blouse under the knitted dress.

Variant 2: A layering look for advanced users succeeds if you wear a delicate lace blouse under the knitted dress, a masculine oversized wool blazer and coarse ankle boots . Or: let the collar and sleeves of a classic shirt blouse and a delicate lace skirt flash out from under a chunky knit dress .


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