How To Combine Several Patterns In Style!

Street styles are the most important fashion indicator of our time. If you are currently looking to Stockholm, Copenhagen or New York, you will quickly find one thing : one trend is currently very high: the pattern mix. This means that eye-catching prints and colors are being mixed together as wildly as never before. Colorful houndstooth meets brocade or snake print meets zebra . But not everyone likes it so noisy and present.

At least they know that you can style prints with a little more restraint. And you don’t even have to be a fashion professional to do this. Because there are some patterns that always combine stylishly with each other. But before we get started and I will show you exactly how it works, I will give you two important rules of thumb: If you rely on the pattern mix, you should be careful about accessories . Also, never (!) Mix more than 3 different patterns. Sometimes less is more.

check pattern and leopard print

Check pattern and leopard print, does that really fit? Yes, in any case. However, one should be careful to find shades of similar color or at least colors of a color family and not to dare to experiment in addition to the actual pattern. Specifically, this means gray plaid with a grayish leopard pattern, brownish plaid with a brownish leo and mustard yellow plaid with a golden leopard pattern. Not that difficult, is it?

graphic patterns and pinstripes

Graphic patterns and pinstripes always work together and look very stylish. This is due to the clear, fine lines that both patterns share. Despite different prints, this does not create a chaotic look, but a harmonious mix of patterns. In terms of color, you should try to combine classic colors with classic colors and gaudy with gaudy.

jacquard and stripe pattern

If you like it a bit more flashy and bold, you should use high-quality, colorful jacquard patterns to create cool, colorful stripe prints. This mix of patterns creates a cool contrast through the combination of playful, floral, feminine motifs to create clear, straight lines. Since jacquard is less reserved, you should counter with stripes in color.

polka dots and houndstooth

The pattern mix of polka dots and houndstooth looks more classic. Above all in the same colors as black and white, black and brown or just completely colorful. The important thing is not to ignore the silhouette with this pattern. Otherwise this print combination will quickly look old and awesome. Tight pencil skirts, emphasized tops and dresses or coats with a tie belt are the perfect pieces for this look.

floral patterns and tartan patterns

Whether mille fleurs or large – flower patterns in all colors and variations can be combined excellently to tartan patterns. In contrast to the Glencheck, this check pattern appears lighter and airier thanks to its more open structures. In terms of color, however, you should also try to stay in a color family so that the look appears harmonious despite strong patterns.

The most beautiful velvet dresses

The material velvet always has something noble and evening about it. Nevertheless, velvet dresses can of course also be worn very well in everyday life. This depends on the right mix of materials. For example, you can break open the noble material with contrast materials such as coarse embroidery, wool or unfortunately and make it more suitable for everyday use. It also helps if the color of the velvet dress is not necessarily black during the day, but maybe dark green, pink or gray. You can see a styling idea for the evening variant below. I wear black over the knee boots and a clutch bag with a black velvet dress.

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