How To Combine Spice Colors Correctly

How can spice colors be skilfully styled? For example, in an all-over look: This stylish visitor to New York Fashion Week proves that mustard yellow and cinnamon brown make a great combination. What works in the kitchen also gives your wardrobe an exciting twist: spice colors such as mustard yellow, cinnamon brown or chili red can be excellently styled together or in contrasting colors. What is important when combining the trend colors.

Saffron, cinnamon and chilli – what sounds like the ingredients from an oriental cooking recipe are popular trend colors: to match the brightly colored leaves, knitted pullovers, cardigans, trousers or skirts in warm, spicy tones are now in season. Strong yellow, orange, red and brown tones suit every skin type and loosen up the dreary autumn wardrobe. In the styling guide, we explain how to add fresh color accents and combine successful outfits with spice colors.

Turmeric, saffron, cinnamon &. Co .: Dress up soul food

In the USA, spice colors are also referred to as “Soul Food Colors” – and there are reasons for color psychology: yellow, orange or red tones ensure a good mood on gray autumn days and automatically make us feel better. In addition, the warm colors have a positive and stimulating effect on the circulation and immune system, but also our self-confidence and even the attractiveness: According to a US study , women who wear red are more attractive. Spice colors also conjure up a radiance on our faces on cold days: the pigmentation of the skin corresponds to these shades, which are therefore reflected in the complexion and give it a fresh, healthy glow.

Style spice colors correctly

If you want to spice up your wardrobe with “Spicy Colors”, you are spoiled for choice: the color palette ranges from yellow tones such as mustard, saffron and turmeric to bright chili red to brown tones such as cinnamon and curry. Since the spice colors harmonize perfectly with each other, there are no limits to combination and fashion. Spice tones work with bright colors as well as with a noble tone-on-tone look. With a few styling rules, you can skillfully stage the trend colors in autumn and winter:

Striking with ethnic prints

Spice colors can be effectively combined to create ethnic looks with colorful patterns and natural materials, which are inspired by traditional clothing in Africa, India or South America. This is proven, among other things, by luxury labels such as Emilio Pucci, Gucci or Missoni, who stage saffron yellow, curry or masala on the catwalk with exotic prints. Re-styling is very easy: Wear a colorful patterned ethnic piece, such as a poncho or sweater with an ikat pattern, with a plain-colored skirt, dress or trousers in spice colors. For a quieter look, plain-colored clothing in spice colors can also be worn with parts in beige and midnight blue.

Subtle as a dash of color

If you prefer it to be less conspicuous, accessories in spice tones are just right: Bags, shoes or scarves in strong “Spice Colors” give simple outfits a sophisticated twist. You can add effective color accents to otherwise muted looks in white, black, gray or beige tones.

Combine spice colors: 4 styling ideas

With contrasting colors

Your outfit looks fresh and yet noble if you combine petrol and mustard yellow. For example, choose a bell skirt in petrol, a turtleneck in mustard yellow and delicate, golden accessories. Despite the color contrast, the look does not appear overloaded and is therefore suitable for the office as well as after work.

Tone on tone

A plissé skirt in saffron yellow, a blouse in cinnamon brown and a coat in turmeric: combine clothes in similar spice colors according to the motto “once across the spice rack” for a harmonious autumn outfit. Don’t be afraid of too much color: the warm brown tone accentuates the two harmonizing yellow tones and ensures a visually balanced look.

To black

An attractive contrast is created when you combine spice tones with black. Wear black pumps or ankle boots with trousers in curry, nutmeg or paprika and a thin sweater or blouse in black for a classy evening look. A coat in cinnamon brown or paprika is an ideal companion on cold autumn days. You can create a rocky outfit with black skinny jeans with a sweater and suede jacket in spice colors.

In the material mix

Outfits, in which materials with different textures – for example cord and silk – are combined with each other, can be complemented with trend tones from the spice color palette. For example, choose cinnamon brown corded flared trousers with a fine chilli silk blouse. Rough leather boots ensure a casual break in style; Pumps make the outfit feminine and suitable for the office.

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