How To Combine The Cropped Cardigans New Fashion Trend!

Good news for all cardigan lovers: this winter’s fashion trends are giving us a real style highlight with cropped cardigans. We reveal how you can combine the look super easily and beautifully. Cardigans are a must for many in winter. No wonder, because these things are just super practical: warm, comfortable, versatile and easy to combine. This year there is a trend towards two extremes: Either we wear our oversize and extra long cardigans or we use the extra short cropped cardigans. The latter now sounds counterproductive in terms of refrigeration, but don’t worry: the story with the cropped cardigans has a method and we reveal why the whole thing makes total sense.

Extra short cardigans in winter?

Cropped cradigans do not come out of nowhere: they are simply a logical consequence of the development of the trousers and skirt trends of recent years. Because the waistband height has risen continuously – and so that a high waistband can be staged nicely, shortened tops are just the thing! So if you were afraid of a belly-free trend in winter, you can breathe a sigh of relief: the ends of our trousers and skirts start where the cropped cardigans end.

Combinations with cropped cardigans

Cropped cardigans are actually suitable for all bottoms that have a high waistband and conjure up a nice waist. The short cardigan conjures up powerful waist technology. A very good example are pants, shorts and skirts with a paperbag waistband . But even plain high waist jeans with a nice belt can be an eye-catcher with a nice cropped cardigan.

The now trendy wide leg jeans and especially wide pleated trousers are a perfect match for cropped cardigans, which we like to wear buttoned over the wide-cut trousers. Why? Very simple: For a beautiful hourglass silhouette with that certain something. This principle also works with high waist skirts – depending on your mood, we grab a wide swinging skirt with animal print, a pencil skirt made of leather or a satin skirt – speaking of satin: tops in a lingerie look harmonize beautifully with knitted cropped cardigans …

Cardigans have a classic – very slightly staid look. They are well suited for elegant suits, but with style breaks with masculine elements (keyword pleated trousers) or statement pieces like combat boots, you can use them to style real wow looks. A little tip: filigree chains go especially well with buttoned wool cardigans – like to combine several in different lengths.

Cropped Cardigan: How to style the look with a normal cardigan

Those who are not yet completely sure about the whole trend can also simply convert a normal cardigan, which is about hip length, into a cropped cardigan: just button it up and put it in their pants or skirt and voilá – the look is one Cropped cardigans (just a little warmer …). Particularly thick, coarse knitted or oversized cardigans can also simply be put in the front of the waistband if trousers or skirts are otherwise too tight or voluminous.


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