How To Combine The Pleated Trousers Trend With Style And Fit Your Figure!

Small fashion quiz: pleated trousers are a. Men’s clothing, b. Only suitable for the office or c .: Probably the most exciting and versatile trend of the fashionable autumn-winter season 2019/2020? The latter of course! Pleated trousers are not only comfortable and elegant at the same time – not many garments can claim that alone – they are also perfect for style breaks, exciting or stylish combinations AND they flatter every figure. But it’s best to convince yourself!

Pleated trousers: trend, figure and perfect fit

Pleated trousers are back in fashion – so far, so good. But which models should I look out for and which suits my figure best? As far as the trend is concerned, we can tell you this much: it tends to have extremely wide-cut trousers, a high waist and an excess length. However, pleated culottes or pleated pants are also possible and very stylish, with their legs tapering slightly towards the ankles.

And in terms of figure, let’s get rid of the prejudice that pleated trousers only fit very tall and slim women. Pleats are made for curves – they just have to fit properly. Above all, this means that the trouser fabric should flatter the body and not sit so tight that the pleats open. The pants should not slip around the body – especially at the waist, the waistband should be perfectly matched to the body measurements. If you have very feminine, wide hips and don’t like to emphasize them, you can also make sure that the pants of your choice only have two pleats and that they don’t sit too far out. This is also important with regard to the pockets: If they sit too far to the side of your hips or are pulled apart when moving so that the pockets do not fit smoothly, you have not yet found your dream pants. And who wants to make their hips a bit rounder? He can, for example, pick up trousers with four pleats – they optically cheat a few curves;)

Pleated trousers and boots with a high shaft are a dream combination!

The combination of pleated pants and boots is exactly two things: super fashionable and super practical. Firstly, we don’t want to look like an office mare (even if we may be one) and secondly, we don’t want to grind our beautiful trousers through the dirt in bad weather. So we put on our (not too loose-fitting) pleated trousers, leather boots that reach approximately to the knee – either flat in the manner of a riding boot or with a block heel and gathered shaft in the style of the 70s. The most important thing when styling: The pants must be inserted into the shaft of the boots! Unless it is a shortened pleated trousers or a culotte with pleats that can stay over the boot, the main thing is that theBoot shaft can be seen a good distance.

For style break hardliners

Anyone who loves style breaks and also likes to travel with a tough touch can combine combat boots with elegant and serious pleated trousers, for example Dr. Martens or western boots. Here the trouser legs can be easily inserted into the shaft, but can also be worn over the boat. From autumn, PS sneakers are not necessarily the first choice due to the weather, but if you can’t do without your chunky dad sneakers , for example: Go for it! Pleated pants love sneakers.

For lovers of the elegant and classic

Pleated trousers can be classic and elegant – this happens almost automatically if you don’t break the style. If you get along better without breaks, you definitely won’t go wrong in terms of trend: Pumps, ballerinas or leather loafers with laces at the front all fit perfectly with the classic look of pleated trousers. With high-heeled sandals or elegant autumnal ankle boots with heels, you can play with your trousers: in or out? That is the question…

No pants without …

In terms of top technology, almost everything works for pleated trousers: from a band shirt to a cozy sweater or a playful lace blouse to a classic shirt blouse – there are hardly any limits to styling creativity. The only rule that always applies: pleated trousers can only really come into their own if the pleat with the pleats can also be seen. Whichever top should be put in the pants completely or a piece at the front. What about blazers and coats? Nevertheless, they go well with our trendy wide pleated trousers. Above all, oversize blazers, which are reminiscent of the 80s, and classically cut, long wool coats make a look with pleated trousers perfect.

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