How To Dress If I Have Wide Hips

We have already seen in a previous post, ten tricks to be able to be more beautiful , and I forgot to point out that one of the essential tricks to look beautiful is that we know exactly, which clothes are the ones that can be better or worse depending on the body that let’s have. There are many women who have wide hips so they don’t always get what they wear right. If this is your case and you don’t know exactly which skirt or pants is the right one, pay attention because at Modaellas we explain how to dress if I have wide hips.


  • If your body has wide hips, we can also say that it will be a pear body and that it is usually characterized by having  narrower shoulders than the hips. In addition, the waist is very marked and defined and the upper half of the body will be smaller than the lower half.
  • As for the thighs , they are usually also quite thick , while the buttocks will be prominent so when choosing the clothes to wear, we will not only have to take into account our wide hips, but the whole of our body to get it right and know how to take advantage of some of the areas of our body while hiding others.


  • The first thing you must do if you have a body with wide hips is to know that lighter colors or flashy must always take the top , while for the bottom of the legs and hips is better than dissemble with darker tones, or directly with the black color which is the most stylized.
  • It is also not a good idea to use patterns such as horizontal stripes, no matter how fashionable it is.
  • Avoid skinny pants or leggings. All those pants that are very tight will only accentuate hips and thighs. It is better to choose pants that are straight, and without being too tight.
  • It is also not a good idea to use very baggy pants or those of the ” baggy ” style because they may make your waist and buttocks stand out much more.
  • As for skirts, avoid those that are tight or “tube”. It is also not a good idea to wear miniskirts or skirts that are above the knee.

Clothes that you can wear if you have wide hips

  • All those garments that allow you to highlight the upper part, or that have more volume in this area will be appropriate since you can hide the wide hips.
  • On the other hand, you can wear skirts that have a slight volley . Knee-length skirts, pleated skirts for example.
  • The empire cut dresses will highlight the upper area of ​​your body and will hide the hip area. You will also be favored by dresses with a good neckline or strapless (those that leave the shoulders exposed).
  • The tailored jackets are also your allied because they can draw the waist but hide hips. Double-breasted are better.
  • Go for  wide belts  that don’t cut into your hips too much. And as for accessories , you can use those that attract attention to your face and not your hips, such as hats, scarves, sunglasses. Also leave large or wide bracelets at home, you will only get that when you lower your arms they look more at your hips.


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