How To Dress Swag Style (Girls)

In 2014 it seems that it has been imposed, especially among teenagers, to adopt the “swag” style to be fashionable. If you still don’t know what swag is or what it means to be a swagger, at Modaellas we now explain how to dress swag style (girls).


The term “swag” has to do with a way of defining certain people when it comes to walking . The “swag” appears as a popular term in different rap songs in which it is tried to give a meaning that has to do with the way in which certain rappers who have a lot of style walk , but it was not until 2012 when it really prevailed as a trend among young people to the point of generating a new fashion style known as “being swagger.”

The popular singer Justin Bieber was partly responsible for making “swag” a word widely used to refer to everything that had style for him and also ended up generating this fashion trend that seems to focus on “looks” that are clear sports inspiration and also catch many trends of those that are worn on the street.

In this way, swag as a fashion style is characterized by oversized T-shirts, or sweatshirts, combined with pants that are usually of the “jogger” type and with sports shoes . In addition, accessories such as caps, wool hats, gold pendants, bracelets and eye-catching watches are included, all with an attitude that seems to be a renewal of the “Don’t worry be happy” message.
Although every time you talk about style swag, is represented with trends in men ‘s fashion, there are many girls who have been adopted to be able to generate that also can be girls ‘swagger’ if we want so we will give you the keys to know how to dress swag style.



T-shirts and sweatshirts are essential for boys’ swag style, but can be worn by girls too. To do this, it is best to choose to combine the so-called “crop tops” (tops with which to show the stomach), “hoodies” (hooded sweatshirts) and t-shirts that are “oversize” in basic colors such as black or white , or also with striking prints. On the other hand , checkered shirts are also worn a lot in the swag style.

As for jackets, you can now choose hooded parkas in Spring Summer , although leather jackets and sports jackets such as Adidas Originals or the “varsity” type are also widely worn .


The pants ‘joggers’ are great fashion as to be considered pants style swag, but girls can also use skinny jeans or leggings in bright colors or with various prints. They can also choose to wear their sweatshirts and tops with shorts .


The swag style is not that it is characterized much by the use of dresses although if you want to find the right ones, nothing like betting on the sports style ones, like the ones in the photo that are from H&M, or directly choosing a basketball shirt that fits us long and use it as a dress.


The best thing is to bet on sports shoes. The most recurring brands for the swag style in terms of sneakers would be Vans , Nike, Osiris, Adidas, Converse, and DC Shoes.


I’ve already mentioned the caps, since they can be flat, but these are usually more for the “swagger” guys. In the case of girls, you cannot miss the wool hats like this one above that you will find in Asos.

Other accessories will be bracelets with different beads, sunglasses from brands such as Ray Ban, long gold pendants and watches from brands such as Casio G-Shock.


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