How To Dress Well When You Are A Woman After 50?

Who hasn’t been looking for the fountain of youth for the past 50 years? Some men and women in their fifties find it very difficult to accept the idea of ​​aging and have great difficulty coping with the physical changes observed on the body: wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. In reality a lot is going on in the head! What could be more beautiful than a 50-year-old woman who takes full responsibility for herself? No need to dress like the youngest to rejuvenate. Wearing clothes that are not your age will only increase your maturity.

When to dress like a grandmother because you are fifty years old, certainly not! On the contrary! It is quite possible to choose very current pieces and mix them with great classics. But then what are the fashion trends for women in their fifties? How to dress trendy after 50 without doing too much?

How to dress when you are in your fifties?

Clothes adapted to its morphology

Whether you are thin or round, large or small, there are certain rules to follow when choosing clothing suited to your body type . For this, you must first define what is the type of your figure. For example, if you have a figure 8 with rather generous shapes and hips and shoulders aligned, it is very important to focus on the size and / or neckline. This type of silhouette can very easily wear skirts with a skater cut and a tight waist, fitted blouses, heart caches etc.

Conversely, if you have an A-shaped body with a well-defined waist and shoulders narrower than your hips, the way you highlight yourself will be completely different. For these types of body shapes, we will draw attention to the upper body only with brightly colored tops, V necklines or even trapeze or skater dresses.
See how easy it can be to know how to dress when you know its morphology. Take a few minutes to determine which silhouette suits you and you will quickly get a set of advice on the choice of clothes to wear.

Wear high waisted flowing jeans and pants

Whether you choose jeans or pants, always choose it high. While it’s not impossible for you to have a wasp waist at your age, most women over the age of 50 face some slack in the lap belt. Nothing better then a high waist pants that will sheath and hide any unsightly bulges. Jeans are a timeless piece of clothing. Whether you are 20 or 50, it is an essential fashion piece. After fifty, we will often favor raw jeans over light jeans. Not only will they go with many more colors but they will be more flattering for the silhouette.

Opt for long flowing tunics or blouses

The ideal to appear thinner is to opt for long tunics . Buy in different colors so you can easily match them. You can also choose long shirts or modern but flowing blouses.

Wear flared skirts

Skirts at any age, yes! No question of leaving aside her femininity. But be careful to choose the right cut! To flatter your figure, opt for a flared skirt cut. Bodycon skirts will tend to emphasize your hips and thighs while flared skirts will beautifully draw your waist while hiding the top of your hips and thighs. The ideal is a slightly flared skirt in dark and solid colors like black, gray or burgundy. We choose it at the length above the knees.

Choose straight dresses

Same advice for dresses, we opt for modern and flattering fifty-something dresses by choosing cuts that stop just above the knees. We choose it with sleeves and rather straight cut.

Forget too thick stitches

The very warm knitwear, vests and knits of the Kechua or Damart type are certainly very pleasant essentials for cocooning in your sofa in the middle of winter, but they tend to age very easily. We prefer thin cardigans with a structured cut to give allure and elegance to its look.

What shoes worn after 50 years?

You now have a few keys in hand to dress in a modern and trendy way after 50 years. We will now look at the shoes. How to choose comfortable but elegant shoes?

Robust but elegant sneakers

You must have in your closet a pair of comfortable shoes for shopping and going out for a walk in town or in the countryside. no way to forget the elegance! Opt for robust but trendy sneakers. A nice pair of low-waisted sneakers in plain white or black tones will be perfect to be associated easily with your outfits.

A nice pair of boots

Low boots in brown or black colors could quickly become essential for you in winter. Very elegant, you will find all shapes but one of the best options is the cealsea boots. Wear them with raw jeans or leggings and a tunic for a modern, urban style.

A pair of heels not too high for special occasions

Heels yes but be careful not to choose it too high. It can quickly become uncomfortable and cause back pain. He just found the right length of heels. Because if heels that are too high could serve you, it is the same for small heels which very quickly make a “memére” style. Heels of 2 or 3 cm will be perfect!


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