How To Dress Well, Women, According To Your Weight

On many occasions we do not know how to take full advantage of our body type , and we choose clothes that do not suit us at all. Today at Modaellas we tell you how to dress well according to our weight. Do you want to know what clothes help us show off our curves? When choosing the garments that are going to make up our look, it is important that we not only look for those with which we feel comfortable and thanks to which we cover our imperfections, but we must also look for the ideal ones to enhance our figure and highlight our virtues .

To achieve this, and this being the most important fashion trick, is to know in advance the type of body we have . Regardless of the quality of the garments or its brand or not, if it does not fit our figure, we will have wasted the money. To help you, today we focus on knowing our complexion and what clothes go best with them.


A perfect body is not measured by its weight, but by its shape and its proportions. In general terms, we could define three body types according to their weight: slim, curvy and defined . Do you want to know which are the garments that best go with each of these?


Despite the fact that on many occasions we have heard women wanting to have a slim body , thinness does not always imply beauty, far from it; since this type of body is characterized by having poorly defined limbs , often occurring in very tall people.

To hide the extreme thinness that many women have due to their constitution, we must play with garments with a lot of volume , such as multi-layered or flight dresses, shorts with large pockets that protrude or ruffled skirts that will allow us to visually increase your size. . As for the pants, the ideal ones for those who have this type of body are those with a straight cut so as not to exaggerate the figure.


Despite the fact that in recent years we have seen how beauty has always been associated with slimmer bodies, more and more people see a curvy body as the symbol of the most feminine beauty. We will only have to know which are the garments that best fit for this type of body, making the curves the protagonists of our looks and not their weight.

The first thing we should do is choose the right underwear that allows us to keep everything in its place, for which it will be essential to find the correct size. Likewise, this happens with the rest of the garments, which must be smooth and of little volume. Mark your waist and put aside loose and graceless clothes.


Depending on the degree of definition of our body, we will have to choose some tricks or others, the objective of all of them being to find a balance between the different parts of our body. To achieve this, it is important that we do not wear clothes that are too fitted, with tight dresses on top but with a flared skirt or fall from the waist; thus we will be able to balance the difference between back and waist, showing our most feminine side.


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