How To Dress When You Have A Large Chest?

Having a large chest makes you dream of more than one. But is it really an asset? As we know, many women with generous breasts find it difficult to dress and face various difficulties. Among them: find pretty underwear, wear tight clothes without being too sexy, put on a shirt without looking like a naughty secretary … many are the concerns encountered by women with large breasts.

No way to hide your body but rather to know the pieces that will highlight it! Because yes, there are lots of tips for dressing with a large chest . We hope that with all our fashion advice, your complexes will disappear quickly and that dressing will become a real pleasure to highlight your chest proudly.

What clothes with a large chest?

To learn how to dress with a large chest, it is necessary to give special importance to the choice of lingerie. Because it is one of the most important things in the first place.

What bras for a big breast?

The chest requires exemplary support if you do not want to have falling breasts. But then which bra to choose for a falling breast? When these are heavy, it is all the more important to favor bras for support adapted to the breast size. The aesthetic side also to its importance and it is important to know how to highlight a generous chest with her lingerie.

Nested push-ups

They are perfect for a sculpting and reshaping effect. For drooping breasts, it will give the impression of a firm and shapely breast. We often mistakenly think that the push-up is there to bring extra volume to the chest and yet it is there especially to refocus the volume. This is why although you have a large chest, you can opt for a push-up push-up.

Supporting bras

For a perfectly supported chest thanks to wide straps and underwire underwire. It is the basis of a bra for a generous chest.

Balconette bras

The balconette bra is a cut that will be called “semi-fitted” certainly feminine. This model as feminine and glamorous as it is also offers excellent support for generous breasts.

Minimizing bras

They provide optimum support while minimizing the chest. If you are looking to hide your large chest , this is the ideal choice of lingerie for you. The minimizer has been specially designed for large breasts and will have the opposite effect of a push-up because the entire volume of the chest is distributed on the sides. Thanks to this type of bra, you can have the feeling of having lost one or two cup sizes! Some who dream only of that will be delighted!

Are strapless bras suitable for large breasts?

Yes, contrary to popular belief, a woman with a generous chest can wear a strapless bra. But she will have to choose it with frames and especially not flexible band models that would make the chest fall.

How to choose your tops when you have a generous chest?

The most important thing when looking for an outfit to wear with a large chest is to keep your neck clear . Do not overload the neck and shoulders as this will give an impression of extra volume on the upper body. For example, many women with large breasts complain that they can no longer wear blouses because the buttons are spread apart and this makes the breast even more visually imposing.

The first thing to do to create an upper body clearance is to pay attention to the choice of materials. We must favor fluid and light materials which give a feeling of openness. Certain cuts and tops are preferred with a large chest:

The fitted cuts and not too wide
Fluid shirts with V-necklines
The high wrap-around
Fitted jackets and blazers
Plain and patternless tops

Can you wear turtlenecks when you have a large chest? Yes and no. It depends on the silhouette. The turtleneck will highlight your assets in a very feminine way. It is therefore advisable to fully assume if you have some curves. The turtleneck is sometimes totally not recommended in case of large breasts. We will let you judge for yourself even if it is a piece that you like to wear.

What dress for a big chest?

We often talk about ideal cuts and wonder what dress to wear with a big chest. Except that not all women with generous breasts have the same body shape. The most important thing is actually to adapt your outfit to your morphology. Generally speaking, we all know that there are more flattering dresses for large breasts and in which you should feel comfortable.

Here are some models of dresses that are perfect for large breasts:

Wrap dress
Wrap neckline dress
V-neck dress
Fluid dress with V-neck
The round neck dress
The shirt dress
The boat neck dress
If you have a thin waist and a large chest : you can belt your dress under the chest to shift the angle of view slightly lower.

If you have curves and a large chest: we recommend the long floral dress with V-neck. The print and cut of this type of bohemian chic dress emphasizes your femininity by making the silhouette more slender. The neckline will be perfectly highlighted. For each of our proposals, you will have to ask yourself if you feel you are taking on your cleavage or not. While some will seek to highlight their large breasts, others will want to hide it so that it looks smaller. Some will proudly opt for a wrap dress with deep neckline and others will prefer to choose a round neck or a more discreet shirt dress.


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