How To Find Jewelry For Your Face Shape

Have you ever wondered why some jewelry though being in trend does not suit you? It is just because every face is different. Every face needs different jewelry. The first thing that you should keep in mind is that you have to pick your jewelry according to your outfit. Try to always balance your outfit and your jewelry. For instance, if you are planning to wear something plain you can always wear heavy jewelry. If you are planning to wear something heavy, try to keep your jewelry minimal. It is all about how you feel after you get ready.

How to find your face shape? It is very simple actually. Go and stand in front of the mirror. Take a semi permanent marker. Now stand straight and position your head. Now take your marker and try to dot the outline of your face with about 10 dots. Now check connect all the dots and look at the shape that you got. There are four primary face shapes. They are heart shaped, square shaped, oval shaped and round shaped. Whatever might be the case, the most important jewelry item that is going to change are the earrings.

1. Heart Shaped Face

If you have heart shaped face, consider yourself to be lucky. Anything and everything will match your beautiful face. You can wear anything from big chunky earrings to simple studs. But remember, you have to balance off your neck with some chain, choker or something to cover up your neck. Usually people with a heart shaped face are considered to be blessed because they have a face tapered to the end. This gives the illusion of a longer neck. Therefore keeping that in mind you should accessorize accordingly. So go on and start styling.

2. Square Shaped Face

If you have a square shaped face then you must be careful about how you accessorize. Remember, you have a face that looks boxy and spread evenly from forehead to jaw therefore it becomes a task accessorize. You have to draw attention to your ears; therefore big chunky studs are perfect way to do so. Do not try to pull your hair back because that will draw attention to the jaw. Add some hair accessories to draw attention to your hair. Whatever you do, draw that attention away from your jaw. Go ahead and start shopping.

3. Oval Shaped Face

If you have an oblong face, it is quite necessary that you do not emphasize the length of your face. You have to make your face look smaller at any costs. The best way to do this is by using loops. Loops are the best option for every girl with an oval shaped face. Do not go for long strings of earrings because they will emphasize on the length of your face. Sometimes pulling your hair back into a nice sleek ponytail will also do the trick. Do not add any hair accessories because they might lengthen your face.

4. Round Shaped Face

If you are cute and chubby, for regular days you can wear plain simple studs and wear a chunky neck piece. For the days you want to wear some fancy, big earrings then go easy with the neck piece. Try to leave your hair open and this will help you to make your face slimmer. Do not use big chunky studs because they might make your face look bigger. Try using contour technique so that it might make your face look smaller and more chiseled. It can sometimes be very challenging to style but keeping few rules is necessary.


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