How To Find The Perfect Outfit For A Wedding

Not only the bride and groom, but also the guests make a lot of thoughts to look perfect at the wedding of friends or relatives. The outfit must be well chosen, match the occasion and not offend. Numerous rules, principles and frameworks determine the choice of clothing, which can make it a bit of a challenge to find a suitable look that meets all requirements.

Dress code: Pay attention to the wishes of the hosts

Many bridal couples want to optically integrate the wedding party into the wedding concept and for this reason require a dress code. This can be very different, some want a sophisticated evening wear, others value colors, others prefer a certain style. The courtesy and respect for the bride and groom make it necessary to comply with the request. As a rule, however, there are many possibilities for interpretation so that every guest feels comfortable. Dress codes can be very different:

  • Certain color is intended to be caught as a garment or item
  • A certain (possibly historical) style is desired, this also includes evening wear
  • The topic is related to a film, a book or a culture
  • An accessory such as B. a hat is expected
  • Certain colors or patterns are not meant to be worn
    A certain item of clothing is explicitly requested, e.g. B. a dress for every woman or a bow tie for men

The color of the dress

Many rumors, assumptions and opinions circulate about numerous traditions, customs and rules when choosing an outfit. General courtesy not to wear a white dress to a wedding guest, even if the wedding dress is a different color. But not only white, but also colors such as cream, ivory, champagne and other variations should be avoided. It is different with colorful clothes, for example with a cheerful floral pattern. A white background is usually accepted without any problems. However, the personal sensitivity of the bride should be noted: While some people deal with it in a completely uncomplicated way and are not particularly interested in such traditions and rules, others react very sensitively and do not want light pastel shades such as rosé See peach or mint green, as these could quickly look whitish in the photos. If you are unsure, as a guest you should simply ask the bride.

Find the perfect center

An outfit for the wedding can be particularly beautiful, after all, it is a special occasion and the hosts are happy when the guests go out of their way to create a great look. Finding the golden mean is not easy, while on the one hand a beautiful, elegant and festive wardrobe is appropriate, if the aim should not be to move into the foreground. Unless otherwise requested, simple elegance is always appropriate. The dresses can be short as well as long, but you should refrain from exciting mini dresses. Especially if the wedding takes place in a church or other religious house, the outfit should not be too provocative. It is a good idea, for example, to work with a jacket that can be taken off later at the party.

Everyday clothes such as jeans and a T-shirt, on the other hand, are not suitable for a wedding. Unless the bride and groom explicitly declares it appropriate, you should opt for a more festive variant. For women, this can be, for example, a dress, a blouse and a skirt, a chic jumpsuit or a trouser suit. Even elegant, classy trousers with a special top and a jacket look very chic if you don’t want to wear skirts. A suit should be the first choice for men, the color does not matter here – unless a dress code excludes colors that should be reserved exclusively for the groom. If you feel uncomfortable in a suit, a casual business look can also be a good choice. Trousers with elegant shoes and a shirt are all-rounders that always fit.

Choose the right colors

Unlike women, men are allowed to wear a white shirt, but a white suit is too intrusive and could look too conspicuous. Unless the dress code provides otherwise, the women are allowed to use the entire color palette. Various bright colors are recommended, these can be cheerful and radiant, but more muted blue and brown tones also look fantastic in a correct cut. Pastel shades such as rosé, mint, a light blue or salmon are also currently in vogue. They look particularly soft and feminine and make great accents in the photos.

There are many controversial opinions about the colors red and black. While some associate the black color exclusively with elegance, others perceive the color as a sign of sadness. Those who opt for a black outfit can loosen up the look with colorful accessories, a light-colored bag or a friendly bolero. Chic but elegant jewelry in gold or rose gold also refreshes the outfit.
The color red has a special significance and the meaning of a red dress varies depending on the location. Some customs say that the meaning of a red dress is an affair with the groom. In other regions of Germany, red is the color of the bride’s mother. In most cases, however, it means nothing other than a beautiful, eye-catching and elegant color that can be worn by everyone.

The shoes for the outfit

A wedding is a wonderful opportunity to wear the uncomfortable but chic high heels. They upgrade an outfit, give it a special grace and conjure up longer legs and a more stretched figure. But as beautiful as they are, they are usually extremely uncomfortable and exhausting to wear. But you don’t have to do without the beauties for your feet: change shoes are a good alternative to feel perfectly styled all day and still be able to dance into the night. Whether a long or a short dress – change shoes can always be chosen to match.


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