How to Grow Hair Faster Naturally – 6 Home Remedies

How to Grow Hair Faster Naturally : In the past, hair loss and slow growth was believed to be as a result of ageing, but nowadays majority are living a frenetic lifestyle thus becoming a reason for lots of worries nowadays by many people. There are several factors that inhibit hair growth extending from hormonal imbalance, genetics medication to the type of diet you use each and every day. Undoubtedly, we tend to use chemical remedies for instant results regardless of being informed about its numerous harmful effects. Using natural means is the definitely the best way out for fast hair growth, since it is not only free from negative side effects but also has long lasting results.

What’s behind hair growth?

Our hair is fabricated by a substance known as keratin which is generated in the hair follicles. During hair growth process, follicles manufacture new hair cells. As a result, old cells are being escalated through the skin surface at the rate of more or less one inch in every two months. The hair that grows on your body is in reality a thread of dead or worn out keratin cells. What’s more interesting is that a grown up person has hair strands ranging from 100,000 to 150,000 but loses about 100 of these strands each day. Therefore, finding natural methods to stimulate hair growth will not necessarily harm your hair but will stimulate more production of keratin since they are protein in nature.

How to Grow Hair Faster Naturally

How to Grow Hair Faster Naturally, Natural Home Remedies

In this article, we bring you some of the cheap and helpful home remedies on how to grow your hair faster that have been proven to accelerate hair growth. Apparently, you won’t miss any of these ingredients in your home!

1. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is one of the best remedy used in hair treatment. This is because it contain adequate potassium, iron as well as fats necessary for hair growth. Crush a fresh coconut then obtain coconut milk from it, don’t buy coconut milk from the market but draw it exactly from a coconut. Add a half lemon juice to it as well as four drops of lavender oil. Stir up the mixture completely and rub your scalp with the mixture, wash the applied are after 4 hours.

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2. Onion Juice

Onion was considered as the most effective medicinal plant in older days and it is still used up to now for medicinal purposes. This is because it contains sulphur which increases production of collagen tissues that boosts hair growth. Though you may not be pleased by its strong smell, don’t be disappointed by using it, since the smell disappears after you rinse. To use this solution, chop one full onion (average size) into smaller slices of onion and or crush it to obtain its juice and massage it on the targeted region for approximately 15 minutes then wash it away with a warm shampoo.

3. Egg Mask

All over the world, eggs are frequently used home remedy for hair treatment and fast hair growth. The reason behind is that eggs have high protein content which take part in formation of keratin thus speeds up growth of new hair. Furthermore, it rich in zinc, sulphur, iron, phosphorous, iodine and selenium. When preparing egg mask, beat one egg in a bowl then mix it with a teaspoonful of honey and olive oil. Stir it and pour it on your scalp and hair for approximately 20 minutes. Wash it away with shampoo and cold water.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

This remedy removes the fats and other toxic substances that clogs the pores thus inhibiting the growth of hair. Besides, it improves the pH balance besides maintaining air circulation in the therefore boosting the growth of hair. When preparing this remedy, pour 75ml Apple Cider Vinegar to a jug containing one liter of lukewarm water. You are required to wash your hair first before applying this remedy. This will make your hair have a shiny look besides boosting its growth.

5. Trim your hair regularly

While trimming your hair often will stop your hair from growing taller, it ensures hair tips look fresh and healthy thus preventing unnecessary hair growths. Therefore, you are required to shave your hair regularly. If you stay for long without cutting your hair, they will definitely shade away because of weak tips and your hair will undoubtedly be shorter and unhealthier than if you shave an inch off once in every 12 weeks.

6. Wash your hair using cold water after every shower

Cold water will surely help your hair grow faster and maintain healthy and long hair for longer. This is because cold water contracts the external layer of your hair easily, thus helps in preventing snags, moisture loss as well as heat damage. You just have to practice this using 20-25 seconds, but this is another solution that will ensure your hair grows faster and healthier.

Final Verdict

Besides home remedies, your efforts on how to grow your hair faster will reap better results if you develop a healthy lifestyle. For instance, reduce stress in our life since it’s one of many factors that can cause hair loss. Take part in physical exercise, meditation other relaxation practices that stimulates your hair growth hormone.