How To Look Good In Loose Clothes

The fashion industry has undergone some major changes in the past few years, now when you look back at your styling sense it looks totally opposite of what it is right now. Mini skirts, tight-fitting jeans, and dresses were on trend a decade ago and now when you see you’ll find oversized sweatshirts avnd t-shirts that are in trend. Baggy tops and jeans are not only back in trend but look like it is going to stay here for the long run. These are something that goes with every piece of clothing whether it is jeans or a skirt.

There are many of us who still think oversized clothes are boring and dull, you opt for them only when you have nothing else to wear but the tables have turned now. Wearing loose clothes are in trend and we see most people opting for it. These do not take much of your time and make you look good and the most important part is they are extremely comfortable. Here are some tips and tricks that help you look good in loose clothes. So without any further ado, let us just get into it:

1. Do not over the oversize

Overdoing anything will ruin the entire idea and spoil the glam. Do not go for outfits that are extremely loose for you. You can go for one size or two sizes up but more than that will make you look baggy. So try to stay near your size and do not look too big than your actual size.

2. Keep details

Little things matter the most, so make sure you keep the details of your outfit. Go for subtle colors and scalloped hems and a textured neckline. This will help you make details on your outfit.

3. Add elements

Adding elements means a piece of clothing or it can also be jewelry and other accessories. You can opt for bum bags or backpacks in order to complete your outfit. This will finish your look and give you a chic look.

4. Try and add a little structure

Adding a little structure means opt for a piece like belts that will give your silhouettes a definite shape, it may be your most flaunting area or just a normal body curve.

5. Go for stockings and sneakers

From Paris fashion week to London fashion week, this style statement has been on trend. Wear an oversized t-shirt and try to add a pair of stockings beneath that. you can also go for a good pair of chunky shoes. This will give you a retro chic vibe, you can also take inspiration from the internet and try out on what goes for you and what does not.

6. Try short skirts and denim

Short skirts and loose t-shirts are something that we have seen a lot of YouTubers and influencers wear, so go for something that’s comfortable and at the same time is confident.

7. Pick it carefully

Picking the right choice of outfit size will keep half of the work done, if you want to get a loose pair of clothing then choose wisely.

8. Look put together

This is the most important trick or tip in any kind of styling, to look put together is not a huge task but you should know the tricks. Go for layers that complement each other, you can add belts or bum bags to finish the look and can later add a pair of stockings and shoes. You can also add some accessories may it be a hat or jacket, make sure its coloris coordinated and make you look put together.


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