How To Make A Side Puff Hairstyle Without Hairspray

How To Make A Side Puff Hairstyle Without Hairspray : When it comes to women and fashion, the two are practically inseparable! From the latest hairstyles to trending cloth designs, women want it all. The ushering of a new year has brought a shift to the fashion world and hairstyles, just like cloth designs, are set to blow your mind off. The side-puff hairstyle is without doubt topping the list. Puffy hairstyles were first introduced into the mainstream fashion industry by Marie Antoinette in the 1770s.

It was then called high coiffure. The hair puff has since been on and off in the trending hairdos especially among Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, but now it’s back with a bang! Moreover, it looks like here to stay. So how do you create that intricate look? First and foremost you may wear your hair either on the side or on top. Also, you may make the puff small or large; this depends on your mood and the length of your hair. The hair puff may be combined with a messy look, braids, ponytails or a bun.

The basic side-puff can be made using two methods:

METHOD 1: using a teasing comb and hairspray

(1) Gathering your tools; before you begin styling your hair, ensure you have a teasing comb and a hair spray.

(2) Preparing your hair; comb your hair using the natural-bristle brush. This is better than a synthetic bristle brush because it’s softer and bends easily which minimizes hair breakage. Brush your hair until it’s free of tangles, snares and knots.

(3) Selecting your hair; select the section of hair that you want to side puff and push it towards your preferred side.

(4) Twisting the section; roll and twist the selected hair in order to secure it make it have a proper shape. Hold it in a rubber band. If you roll too much, it will be very tight and uncomfortable.

How To Make A Side Puff Hairstyle

(5) Teasing the back section; tease the back part of the rolled hair with brisk motion, up and down. This creates volume that is required for the perfect height of your puff. The best teasing comb is a thin-toothed tail comb that is long.

(6) Using the hairspray; spray the back and front parts of the teased hair. Allow some few seconds for the teased hair to dry.

(7) Dividing the front section; divide the remaining part of the twisted hair into parts and repeat the same procedure, i.e. teasing and spraying, for both parts.

(8) Finally, get hold of the whole section of hair you intended to side-puff and push it upwards and outwards. The higher you push, the higher the puff becomes. The more outwards you push the wider the puff becomes.

METHOD 2: using rubber bands and bobby pins

(1) Gathering your tools; before you begin styling your hair, ensure you have rubber bands and bobby pins.

(2) Selecting your hair; select the section of hair that you want to side puff and push it towards your preferred side.

(3) Brushing your hair; brush the selected section of your hair flat. This will be easier accomplished if you have dirty hair’. Dirty hair refers to hair that hasn’t been washed for some days or was styled previously.

(4) Tying the selected hair; hold the hair that should be puffed with a rubber band. The thicker your hair, the larger the rubber band and vice versa. In order to prevent snagging of your hair, use a rubber band that has a covering instead of just being bare.

(5) Loosening your hair; loosen your hair slightly upwards and outwards. The more you loosen it, the taller and higher the puff becomes.If you push the puff further forward the more volume it gains, making your hair appear thicker. If you push the hair sideways, the puff becomes wider and shorter.

(6) Using bobby pins; place bobby pins carefully around your side puff to secure it. Use the given amount of bobby pins that will make you achieve the desire look.

After making the side puff using either method, you can deal with the remaining part of your hair by tying it in a ponytail,putting a bun or simply just leave it free and flowing.

Why put a side puff?

(a) It’s a simple and elegant hair style

(b) It gives you a sophisticated look

(c) It requires a short to create this style

(d) This hairstyle can be pulled off by girls and women of any age.

(e) When you are growing you bangs; and don’t know what to do with them because they are too long to wear.

(f) Many Hollywood and Bollywood stars look really good in a side puff

When you are looking for a chic, classy hairstyle to pull off, whether it’s a date, wedding, dinner or even just for an official look, the side-puff is definitely something to try out.