Simple Hairstyle For PARTY & WEDDING Must Try

How To Make A Stunning Hairstyle For Party : Nowadays elegant hair updos, stylish hair buns, and other inspiring hairstyles are common in most parties. If you haven’t tried these types of hairstyles or find it complicated and difficult to plait, there is no need for you to worry. This article with easy step by step tutorial presents the simplest ways to make the most elegant hairstyles that will impress and attract attention of majority in the party.

Since hairs adds more to a woman’s beauty, dedicating a few minutes to these simple party hairstyles can give you a far much better look that exceeds your expectation. The step by step procedure below will give you a better understanding on how to braid amazing hairstyles at home before attending any event, party or functions without requiring help from a hairdresser.

1. Half-crown braid : This braided hairstyle is ideal for all parties. You can keep your hair in front or at back of your face or let them loose if have bangs. You’ll only need two hair elastics as well as bobby pins to complete your hair with this party hair style. How to Style
1. Start by separating your hair into 1-2 inch portion then move it towards the hair close to your ear. Group your hair into three section before you ponytail.
2. Twist the braid back and attach one clear hair elastic to the end of the braid.
3. Do the same to the opposite side taking one portion above your ear before you make a braid. Attach a small clear elastic to the end.
4. Move the first braid around your head and pin it at the back using bobby pins.
5. Move the second braid on top of the first braid and fold it at the back of the first braid then hold it in in place using bobby pins.

2. The Bow Bun

This hair possibly will look complicated to some people, but requires a flexible hairband and your time. Doing this hair is interesting even if you don’t love hairstyles.

How To Make A Stunning Hairstyle For Party

How To Style
1. Pile your hair over your head and start braiding with your preferred elastic hair tie.
2. Move your hair over the elastic hair tie and pull it by creating loops, pointing your hair towards the direction of your forehead.
3. Separate your loop to two equal portions.
4. Fold the base of your hair into two equal looped halves to form the center “knot”.
5. Attach elastic tie to the bow located at the rear of your head.
6. Pat your bow by extending the loops and pulling them slightly to look complete.

3. Twisted Buns

You don’t require assistance from a hairdresser to complete this hairstyle. This guide has clear and easy steps to help you create this amazing hairstyle within a few minutes.

How to Style
1: Applying some amount of hair gel to your hair. If your hair is wet, consider blow-drying it until it dries completely. 
2: Separate your hair into sections and move the front section around your neck region, twisting it a little bit.
3. Pin it with bobby and do the same to the opposite end. Strip off the bobby pin and join the twisted ends with the rest hair to make a low ponytail.
4. Move your pony up end to the V-like portion where your twists join and make a small hole in your hair, at the back of the hair tie then pull the entire pony through the created hole and curve your hair.
5. Fold the braid to the V-like portion again, inserting the last 1-2 inch of hair left into the twists.
6. Continue folding the hair till you get a nice, smart bun, then insert a bobby pin to where you folded your hair.
7. Spray it with some shiny hairspray to give it a lustrous look.

Final Verdict

As a woman, you must take great care of your hair and be sensible when it comes to the type of hairstyle. Since they are main elements of beauty, they should be well braided and maintained. Some will find it difficult to make but with patience and commitment, they will easily master these hairstyles and end up with unique and extraordinary look.