How To Make T-shirt Yarn Bags Step By Step: Patterns And Materials

The trapillo are thick yarns, usually are residues of sweaters, shirts or other elements of cotton or lycra. They are uniformly cut and are used to make bags , blankets, necklaces, among others. You can do what your imagination and creativity allow you . The trapilho is often used to make bags, wallets, wallets for the purpose of selling or for own use. The materials are relatively cheap, easy to handle and the result is usually great. A unique piece , personalized and totally made to your taste and measure.


T he possibilities of t-shirt yarn bags with a roll are very varied . You can opt for the more traditional bags or form braids and sew them together giving it the shape you want, in this way you will be able to make a modern bag in the simplest possible way. If you want something more original, you can also make a t-shirt yarn bag by crocheting it. If you don’t want to complicate yourself too much, one of the simplest options is to make a crochet circle or oval, fold it, sew it and add a closure and handles to the bag. Another way to make original t-shirt yarn bags is to fold the strips and sew them with the embroidery stitches. Of course, with crochet or two-needle knitting we can achieve beautiful bags, but for this we need experience with knitting or a scheme to be able to do it.


The materials to make a t-shirt yarn bag are basically a roll of fabric, whatever size you consider, but to give you an idea, a 1 meter roll will knit approximately 50 x 50 cm. And depending on the roll you choose, you can cut the strip in half since the coils can be from 0.5 cm to 4 cm wide. Having a roll of fabric, you can start making a bag.

Do not forget the needles . You should use a normal sewing needle and a crochet hook (this will depend a bit on the thickness of your fabric, sizes between 10 and 12 are usually fine).


The classic patterns for making t-shirt yarn bags are crocheted using a braided fabric puller or a handle for the t-shirt yarn bag, which you can line with strips of fabric. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, it can be used to reuse an old handle that you don’t like too much or that is ugly.

A good idea is to make a mixed bag : half fabric, half fabric. And the details you can add to that type of bag are lovely: from crochet balls to something made with macramé . The ideas are many and you just have to take advantage of your creativity.

Finally, a pattern that looks great is one made with stitched strips of fabric. Take advantage of anything you have at home that you don’t want and add it to your t-shirt yarn bag.

Bags tend to be square but don’t stay with that, a round or diamond-shaped pattern is very original and adds a highlight to any look. If you choose any of these forms, the steps you must follow and which we will explain below are very similar, what changes is basically the finish.


To explain how to make a t-shirt yarn bag step by step, we are going to use a model of a handbag, or a t- shirt cloth, as an example :

  • Chain 20
  • 1st round: make a chain stitch in the air and continue with 20 single crochets, when you reach the end of the row of 20 chains, make another chain in the air and another 20 double crochets on the other side of the chains, thus you will knit a bag of single piece, when you get back to the point (where you had made the chain in the air) make a slip stitch and place a t-shirt yarn marker to control the turns well. With that you will have finished the first round.
  • 2nd round: 20 single crochets and when you reach the end, where you had the chain in the air, again slip stitch (here you can also put another t-shirt yarn marker, with which you will have two markers, one at each end of the bag), again 20 single crochets and end of the 2nd round.
  • 3rd round and successive until you have the desired height: same as the second round.
    Last round: make everything in slip stitch, with this you will reinforce the edge and another type of stitch so that it looks different from the rest.

If you want to add fringes, for example, you only have to cut 40 pieces of fabric of the same length or of a different size if you want it more casual, and you will knot it in the hollows of the low crochets, in two different rows. Then you only have to sew the zipper by hand or machine, and that’s it. A simply great clutch-style fabric bag .


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