How To Properly Care For Your Fake Fur Coat

Faux fur, also known as fake fur, is on the rise. And real fur is increasingly becoming a material “non grata”. Whether coat, jacket, pillow or other decoration for the apartment: We’d rather let the animals have their fur and use fake fur. But what if the beautiful faux fur gets dirty? Can you actually wash fake fur and if so, how?

Wash fake fur: yes or no?

Good news: In general, unlike real fur , you can wash fake fur in your home washing machine. However, you should always check the care label for each piece individually: May this special synthetic fur be put in the washing machine and if so, at what temperature and in which spin mode? Attention: If possible, turn the garment or, for example, the pillowcase on the left or so that the fur is inside. This way, the wrong fur is least stressed in the washing machine. If this is not possible, a laundry net can protect your faux fur part.

If the beloved fake fur piece does not have a care label, the least you can do wrong in a gentle cycle such as the hand or wool program . That means: The temperature should be cold or a maximum of 30 degrees and the spin speed should be reduced to a very low level (ideally less than 400 revolutions ). If possible: turn off the spin cycle that normally follows after washing. You can also wash fake fur by hand: simply fill the bathtub or a plastic box with water, let the imitation fur soak in it with hand washing detergent and then rinse it out until no more soap bubbles can be seen.

What detergent can I use for fake fur?

If you want to wash faux fur, you should use a very mild detergent , which you can also use for other fragile items of clothing. A little dash of fabric softener can ensure that the synthetic fur remains fluffy and does not get tangled.

How can I dry fake fur after washing?

First of all: You should never put your dryer in the dryer ! Both the friction and the heat would mean a quick death for your favorite part and in the worst case also destroy your dryer. If the fake fur part comes out of the washing machine, you can carefully wring or squeeze out water. Then shake it out properly! This not only brings more water out of the fur, but also ensures that the fur fibers unravel. Then you place the piece of faux fur on a towel and roll it up together – this way the moisture from the fur gets into the towel. Finally, shake vigorously again and hang up so that the piece does not get out of shape: For example, it is best to hang a coat or jacket directly on a hanger. Warning: synthetic fur dries best outside or in a well-ventilated place . After drying, you can use a brush for dogs or cats to give your favorite fake fur item a whole new fluffiness.

In case of doubt: Always ask the professional!

If a garment or decorative item made of artificial fur does not have a care label and you are unsure whether it can get water at all, then it is better to go to a professional cleaning service. When in doubt, a professional can always best judge which care is best for a material.


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