How To Stay Stylish In The Rain?

Whether we have curves or not, some clothes have the gift of highlighting the curves of our body, without having to provide the slightest effort on the sport side. But how to succeed in this highly promising style exercise? Let’s do a check in. Let’s say it right away, the quest for thinness is not an end in itself, even if accepting your body can be difficult. But when we want to erase small complexes, the first analysis to do is to understand what our morphology is in order to be able to better sublimate it. And contrary to popular belief, refining your silhouette with clothes and accessories is indeed a small task. And for good reason, there are many convincing gimmicks that do not require extreme skill in terms of fashion, but which will allow us to highlight the parts of our body, while blurring the desired areas.



The golden rule for the charm to operate is to define the morphology of our body. Whether you are cut in 8, in A, in H, V, O or in X: each silhouette will find clothes perfectly adjusted to sublimate it.


There is no secret about the modosphere. The underwear are not just there for show, but play a role in the maintenance and development of a silhouette. To reshape it or hide a small belly, the high shaping panties will be the best ally. Likewise, to highlight a small breast, the push-up bra and the bustier will be in our line of sight.


Another secret? To give the impression of having a thin waist , it must be marked. For this, we use the belts slipped over a coat or a seasonal jacket, but also the tapered cuts like a top or a tank top whose perfectly adjusted cut will follow the curves of our body without them. sausage. And in contrast to the collective opinion: wearing loose clothing does not hide the generous parts that we want to blur, but rather draws the eye to them by giving the impression of adding a few pounds.


Wanting to refine your silhouette with clothes and accessories is also an opportunity to revisit our geometry. Let’s relieve our fashionable wardrobe of pieces tattooed with maxi patterns and set our sights on minimalist prints: polka dots, checks , bucolic or animal prints everything is allowed, except the horizontal stripes that will be swapped by vertical stripes that have the power to lengthen our allure rather than compress it.


The good idea? Include our outfit in an invigorating chromatic palette : vermilion red , mimosa yellow, midnight blue, intense green or mauve… The whole point is to be tempted by the seasonal colors which have the merit of being declined in various shades.


Exit the imposing and flashy materials such as organza, tulle, tweed, mesh, velvet (ribbed or smooth), but also the various lamé and metallic fabrics. Now, our mantra is punctuated by materials natural, fluid and light: linen, cotton, silk .


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