How To Style A Headband

Headbands are back with a lot of memories from high school. Headbands have been at the top of the list of hair accessories for a very long time. You don’t necessarily have to be 5 years old to wear a headband, you must have seen celebrities and models wearing headbands at almost every show at every fashion week. It is incredible how hairbands a cute little accessory can have such an impact on your entire look. These will make you look pretty instantly, hair accessories are something that plays an integral role in spicing up the look and are very easy to carry.

The headbands were fashion throwback from the 90s and they are now back with a bang. You can see many of influencers and Instagrammers wearing these and spicing up their look. These give us all easy kinds of inspiration ideas and can go with all kinds of hair, curly or straight. You can wear headbands for multiple occasions from white weddings to a Saturday brunch with your friends. In this guide, we bring you ways to style a hairband and rock every outfit you wear-

1. Embellished headband

Embellished headbands are a style statement, it can make any plain outfit look more attractive. It is also important to choose the right headband, which suits your face shape and flatters your outfit. These headbands are also perfect for your date nights with loose waves hairstyle.

2. Sporty headband

Whether you have long hair, short or layered hair a strand of hair somehow manages to come out while you are working out. To avoid a strand of hair falling on your face you can tie up your hair and wear a sporty headband and make the boring workout look extremely stylish.

3. Wrap headband

Wrap headband comes in many different prints and patterns but the most famous one is the headband with a tropical pattern. Wear this headband with your vacation outfit or a beach outfit. In case you can’t find the wrap headband you can also use your silk scarf to wrap it around your head.

4. Bow headband

If you are a fan of the gossip girl series than you know what I am talking about. This bow headband will instantly make you look chic and more feminine.

5. Comb-tooth Headband

The ‘00s favorite headband is back and with a swing. To make this headband look goodto wear it with a polished slick hairstyle.

6. thin ribbon headband

it is perfect for short hair and won’t belittle from your look or hide too much of your hair. You can also wear it with a belted overcoat, a pencil skirt and tights to keep your headband from making the look too casual.

7. The middle part

In case you are bored with the old push back type of headband, you can try the middle partition look with a plain headband. Instead of pushing the headband backward, part your hair from the middle and place the headband towards the back of your hair. This look suits any hairstyle or length.

8. Bandana scarf

Bandana scarf look was one of the most popular looks of 2019 and as I believe it continues to be on the top of the list this year as well. This is one of the easiest and versatile headband style. You can wrap the bandana with your hair open or tied up into a bun or up-do, tuck the ends of the scarf in the back of your head or tie the scarf around your head and make a bow.


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