How To Style A Scarf In 10 Different Ways

Scarves are an important part of a women’s wardrobe. Though you might think they are just a piece of cloth then you might have to think it over once again. They have the capacity to take a normal outfit to another level. A scarf may seem simple but it is a multifunctional in nature. You can literally do anything with a scarf if you are creative enough. It is a versatile piece and gives you that little extra oomph that your outfit is lacking. A scarf might literally help you to put your outfit together.

You can buy a plain scarf or scarf that has prints on them. There are so many scarves that have some amazing print on them. A printed scarf is like a colorful statement that you can add to your plain boring outfits. The luxury brand Hermes produces some of the finest scarves in the world. Remember when you are looking out for scarves the texture of the scarf is very important. The softer the scarf is the more polished you will look. Just little tricks with your scarf and you can literally transform your outfit.

1. Just drape it on your neck

This is one of the most common ways to style a scarf. Just wear a scarf on your neck and take it over your shoulder. This is one the classic scarf looks that every girl must wear.

2. The faux coat

You can create something similar to a coat with your scarf. Just wear your scarf around your neck make sure the length falls equally on both the sides and add a belt to the smallest region of your waist.

3. Use it like a tie

Wear a scarf over your neck and just knot it around your neck. Perfect for winters. When you do not know what to do with your scarf then you can totally do this.

4. Loop it around

Just wear your scarf and take it over your shoulder twice. This will reduce the length of the scarf and the scarf will not be dangling around. This is a look that will keep you warm.

5. Knot the loop

Just loop the scarf around your neck and now knot using both the hanging ends.

6. Tuck the loop in

This is another interesting thing to do. Just loop the scarf and tuck both the free ends into the loop.

7. The cowboy look

Just take your scarf and fold it into half so that it produces something similar to a triangle. Now tie this around your neck to complete this look. This look will look good when you wear some momma jeans and you really have to add a fun element to that boring outfit.

8. Just wrap it around yourself

If you are that person who feels extremely cold then you can just wrap the entire scarf around yourself.

9. Use it in your ponytail

Just tie your ponytail and fold the scarf into half and loop it though the elastic. This is such a classic look that anyone and everyone can pull off. If you are going for a retro vibe then this is the perfect way to do it.

10. Use it to decorate your handbag

If you want to give that little extra oomph to your handbag then you could possibly use this trick. Just fold your scarf into quarters and then tie it on to one of the strap of your bag. This makes your bag much more interesting and a fun piece of element to carry around. This is a fashion statement.


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