How To Style Capes And Ponchos

Ponchos and capes are particularly suitable for layered looks or as an alternative to a jacket and coat. We give you styling tips for a successful outfit combination with the trendy throws. On cold days with temperatures below zero, we use a thick winter jacket almost every day. If your parka, quilted jacket and wool coat gradually become too one-sided, here comes new styling inspiration: capes and ponchos are not only pretty to look at, but also wearable in a layering look at freezing temperatures. DONNA Online gives tips on how to combine the topcoats correctly.

Cape or poncho? That is the difference

If you are not too familiar with technical terms from fashion, you will quickly get confused with the overcoat parts. Poncho or cape – isn’t that the same? Not quite: A poncho is a kind of oversized scarf made of woven fabric with an opening for the head, which often comes with fringes and folkloric patterns. Ponchos originally come from South America, where they are traditionally worn by indigenous people with striking prints and in bright colors such as orange, pink or yellow.

A cape is an A-shaped cape that has side openings for the wearer’s arms. A few centuries ago, kings traditionally wore capes made of fine thread to emphasize their majestic dignity. Through fairy tale and novel characters such as Little Red Riding Hood or Sherlock Holmes, the cape later became the trademark of popular characters in film, television and culture – and until a few decades ago was often only worn as a carnival costume or in the self-knitted version by older women.

Style capes and ponchos – 3 ideas

Once you get the hang of the styling, you will be happy with capes and ponchos in the wardrobe: depending on the material and thickness, the topcoats can be worn all year round and can be used wonderfully as part of layered looks or as a jacket replacement. With three fashionable variants, we show how you can combine a poncho or cape with 40plus.

Poncho as a trench coat or coat replacement

Plain colored ponchos can be attached using a waist beltMake it very easy to replace trench coats and other tailored jackets or coats – and ensure the same advantageous hourglass silhouette: Place the poncho loosely over your shoulders so that its ends hang at approximately the same height. Take the narrow belt and fasten it over the topcoat. You can change your look depending on the color and design of the belt: a narrow leather belt in black with a monochrome poncho has a minimalist look, a wide waist belt with a striking gold buckle creates a retro look. The styling is particularly harmonious if you pick up the tone of the belt when choosing your shoes and handbag. You can wear this poncho variant over plain jeans as well as a pencil skirt with a turtleneck shirt or shift dress to the office.

Cape as a blazer replacement

Do you want to give your office look a little variety? Then simply convert your cape into a blazer replacement: Make sure that the cape is made of a solid, suit-like fabric and ideally is one color. The cape in the tone-on-tone look looks particularly great with a fine-rib long-sleeve or a blouse in the same color. Styling tip: For advantageous proportions, the cape should be combined into narrow pleated trousers or carrot trousers so that no additional volume is created in the lower part. Pointed pumps stretch visually and complete the unusual business outfit.

Cape or poncho as a dress replacement

Has your XL cape or poncho been hanging in your closet for a few seasons? Then bring the throw back to life as a dress. Style this variant with an oversized cape or an extra-long poncho so as not to show too much skin. With the cape or poncho dress you can discreetly show a little leg and give your little black one a break. Ponchos in an ethnic look with fringes go well with suede ankle boots , gold jewelry and tights in earth tones. To dress repurposed Capes, fine fabric look very elegant due to their usually thicker something to Pumps , an updo and hanging pipe rings – and impress your counterpart at the next evening cocktail or classical concert.

Skilfully style ponchos and capes: 3 tips for beginners

Are you venturing into styling with a cape or poncho for the first time? Then you should consider these three simple rules when combining:

  • Colorful ponchos and capes with extravagant prints are nice, but a little trickier to style. To start with, use a single-color model with few details to offer many combinations.
  • Since capes and ponchos are usually voluminous, you should put on a small shoulder bag. If the bag has unsightly folds over the topcoat, you can just as easily carry it underneath.
  • If you want to cut a good figure despite the voluminous throw, you should follow the styling rule “loose at the top, narrow at the bottom” . Wide bottoms such as Marlene trousers, A-line skirts or oversized shirt dresses with a cape or poncho ensure unfavorable proportions

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